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Wall Plaques and Signs for the Military and Federal, State and Local Government Organizations

Art SignWorks Makes & Sells Factory-Direct High-Quality Custom 3-D & 2.5-D Dimensional Carved Wood, High-Density-Urethane (HDU), HDPE, Acrylic, and Metal Signs & Plaques; Wrought Iron Hangers, Frames & Posts; and Base Entrance and Building Signs for Government Agencies and the Military, and their contractors, throughout the USA and overseas.


Custom Carved 3-D and 2.5-D Wall Plaques of  Federal, State, City and Military Seals, Emblems, Crests, Insignia, Badges and Logos

A Few Examples of our Custom Carved 3-D and 2.5-D Wall Plaques of Federal, State, City and Military Seals, Emblems, Crests, Insignia, Badges and Logos.

This page provides a summary and examples of our standard, personalized, and custom 3-D, 2.5-D, and engraved wall plaques & signs that we manufacture for the military; federal, state and county, city and village  governments and their departments, agencies, legislatures and courts; police & fire departments; and their employees, contractors, companies, veteran's homes, etc. More details, close-up photos, and thousands more of these plaques and signs are shown in Galleries 30, 31, 32, 33, 16, 16A, and 15A, which you can visit by clicking on the numbered gray boxes in the lower left margin.

If you have just entered our website and you want an overview of our company and all our products, including signs for private commercial and residential customers, please start with our Home page (dark gray tab upper left).

Government Customers, including Government Contractors

Can't find anyone to make your personalized or custom dimensional wood, HDU, or metal (bronze, brass, copper, aluminum, steel) plaque or sign the way you want it made for a reasonable price? Do you need some design ideas? Do you want the highest quality "old world" craftmanship and hand painting, using the very best materials? Do you want your plaques made in the USA by American craftsmen, rather than in the Phillipines or China? We will work with you to design and build the custom or personalized plaque or sign you want at an economical price and deliver it to you within 4 to 5 weeks. We offer a rare combination of creativity, quality and value, have a great variety of both standard and custom plaque & sign designs of any size, and take pride in every product we build.

We make all our plaques in our factory in the USA (Murrieta, in Southern California) with raw materials from the USA. We offer a 2 yr warranty for every sign or plaque in any climate. We are a small woman-owned business, are listed in the Government Setaside Directory, and offer products with prices comparable to those on GSA Schedule 78. We have  partners on the GSA schedule if you are required to purchase through GSA. For federal contracts, we are listed in SAM (System for Award Management), have a DUNS number, are registered on ORCA, have a CAGE Number, and can use the Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF) or other government agency electronic  systems for invoicing and payment. We have approximately 300 contracts or purchase orders each year from Federal and State government agencies, courts,  and the military services. We ship overseas and to APO addresses. You can use a credit card, a PO with 30 day net payment, or a contract agreement to purchase our signs and plaques. We take orders from 1 to over 1,000 signs or plaques.

Military and Federal, State, Cunty and City  Plaques and Signs

Examples of Custom Dimensional Wall Plaques and Signs

Above are a some examples of custom carved wood and High-Density-Urethane (HDU) wall plaques and signs for the military and federal, state, county and city governments . Over 1200 designs are shown in Photo Galleries 30 through 35 (click on a numbered gray box in the lower left hand margin). We can make custom wall plaques of any size, shape, artwork, and color scheme. We make these out of Mahogany, Cedar, Redwood, HDU, and brass, bronze, copper and aluminum coated HDU.

Carved 3-D wall plaques

Carved 3-D wall plaques

Carved 3-D wall plaques decorate the walls of many Federal Government offices. Two of our plaques are in the White House, several more are in the Capitol, and over 40 plaques are in Federal Courts..

We offer several product lines of 3-D sculptured bas-relief and 2.5-D (raised or engraved flat-relief) carved wood, HDU, and metal Military (DoD, USN, USMC,USAF, USA, and USCG) , US Federal, State , County, City, Village governments (including police & fire departments) wall plaques and signs. We specialize in making custom and personalized dimensional wood and HDU organizational identity, commemorative, recognition, award, retirement and memorial wall plaques and seals for organizations and employees. We make signs and plaques from 12 inches to 20 feet wide. We can make a wall plaque or sign incorporating the design of any seal, crest, logo, emblem, badge, medal, shoulder patch, coat-of-arms, drawing, painting, or photo. If you can describe it or give us a picture, we can make your custom sign or plaque. Our Government wall plaque Galleries are listed below; please click on the underlined title OR the Gallery number in the numbered gray box on the lower left margin to go to that Gallery page:


Gallery 30 - Federal Government Plaques Over 200 US Federal Government seals, and branch (executive, legislative, judicial), department and civilian agency plaques (includes Homeland Security and CIA).

 Gallery 31 - Military Crest and Seal Plaques and Signs. Over 450 US Military (DoD and its agencies, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) plaques on 3 pages.

Gallery 32 - State Government Seal Plaques.Over 200 State Government and Agency, Legislature, and State Court plaques.

Gallery 33, page 1 - County and City Government Plaques. Over 150 examples of County and City Government plaques, including mayor, city council, agencies, and municipal courts.

Gallery 33, page 2 - Police, Sheriff, and Fire Dept.Plaques . Over 100 examples of wall plaques featuring badges, shoulder patches, logos and insignia for law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders.

These custom plaques are very reasonably priced, depending primarily on size but also on material and complexity . We offer Government agencies or their contractors our very best price for these wall plaques and signs, equivalent to our wholesale commercial prices to other sign companies. We also make dimensional wood, HDU , aluminum, acrylic, and EPS outdoor signs for Government facility entrances, directories, maps, building identification, wayfinding, street names, traffic, and parking, Our interior building signs and plaques include dimensional lobby signs, directories, directional, office door signs, ADA signs, and desk nameplates. You can click on a numbered gray box in the lower left margin to see different sign applications, many of which are relevant for Government applications (e.g., national park & forest signs, military golf course signs, park signs, street/traffic/parking signs, commissary & retail store signs, professional signs, etc), or use the Google Search Bar at the top of his page. Three Galleries in particular are oriented towards larger Government wood and HDU dimensional outdoor and indoor signs. Please click on the underlined title OR on the Gallery number in the numbered gray box in the left margin to go to that Gallery page


Gallery 16 -National, State, and Regional Parks Over 100 examples of US Park Service, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and State and Regional Park signs & plaques

Gallery 15 - Government Building & Facility Signs. Over 100 examples of Federal, State & Local Government Welcome and Building Signs, and Museum Signs

Gallery 15A - Public University and School Signs. Over 100 examples of University, College, Secondary School, Middle School and Elementary School Signs

For more information on prices go to Price, Size, and Design Features page or Request a Estimate. Normally you will receive your plaque 4 to 6 weeks after you place a firm order and have approved a proof.

Please call us at 951-698-8484 or EMAIL us at for additional information without any obligation. We welcome casual inquiries and will give you a fast "no hassle" response. We are the "friendly signmakers" and take pride in providing information and helping our Government customers and their contractors to solve their signage needs at reasonable costs.O

OUR SIGNS HAVE LONG LIFE AND MINIMAL MAINTENANCE.  We use the very best materials and manufacturing processes to create signs which have a very long life (20+ years for HDU Signs) and require very little maintenance. We provide a warranty of 2 years, and we expect our HDU and indoor wood signs to last for several decades.

 We carve our HDU signs and plaques out of premium ultra High-Density-Urethane (HDU) Precision Board Plus sheets  made by Coastal Enterprises, in Orange, CA. We use 20 lb/ft3 HDU for all our signs & plaques, which is 30% denser and stronger than the 15 lb/ft3 HDU used by other sign manufacturing companies. Our signs carve cleaner, last longer, and are less susceptible to impact damage than HDU signs made by other companies.

We use prime, kiln-dried, knot-free, vertical grain all-heart Redwood, Cedar, and Mahogany that are supplied by Forest Plywood and Wood Products.

We use exclusively Ultra Low VOC  Matthews automotive-type 2-part polyurethane acrylic paint and clear-coats ,  which  are UV and graffitti resistance, so there is very little fading when the sign is exposed to direct sunlight, and graffiti can usually be cleaned off with acetone. Matthews paints cost $200/gallon, compared to house paints which cost $30/gallon that most other sign companies use. Matthews MAP will last  20 years or more before repainting.We use 1-Shot Low  VOC Oil-Based High Gloss Lettering Enamels for text and artwork. 1Shot is simply the best (and most expensive) lettering enamel in the world. It costs $250/gallon.

OUR SIGNS & PLAQUES ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.  We are a "green" company. Our domestic and imported wood signs are "Green". We only use wood from renewable forests that use environmentally sound practices. For every wood sign we sell, we donate  money to  Arbor Day Foundation to plant two to five  trees, depending on the size of the sign, to support important tree planting efforts around the globe. .

Our  Precision Board Plus HDU is made out of special eco-friendly components, including state-of-the-art ‘green urethane’ formulations.The new Plus formulation has achieved a certified “Carbon Balance” of 3 to 1 and a “Rapidly Renewable resource Content” of 23.9%.

We use environmentally friendly stains, primers, topcoats and clear-coats. The Minwax stains we use are Low VOC. Matthews Ultra Low VOC polyurethane acrylic paints and clear-coats limit VOC to less than 50 g/L while providing greater durability, gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints provide.We also use a Low VOC version of 1-Shot sign enamel for painting text, borders and artwork. 

All our manufacturing and painting processes are Green, with minimal air pollution, because we  our dust collectors, paint spray booths, and fully-enclosed and recyclable sandblast booths cause very low air pollution and carbon emissions.