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M3003 - 3D Special Weapons Navy Emblem Plaque Carved from Solid Mahogany

M3003 - 3D  Special Weapons Navy Emblem Plaque Carved from Solid Mahogany

This page shows the design of a single plaque, one of over 4000 different custom sign and plaque designs displayed in 44 indexed and organized photo galleries on this site.

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This very elegant plaque is carved with our CNC router and hand sanded.The wood is solid Phillippine Mahogany.

We can make a 2.5D (sandblasted, routed or engraved) or a 3D bas-relief carved wooden wall plaque or sign of any design in any size from 12 inches to 14 feet, for either indoor or outdoor use. We can customize these signs with any shape, border, font style, or color scheme with carved or raised text and art of your choice. We can make it out a variety of woods, including Western Red Cedar, California Redwood, Honduran or Philippine Mahogany, Teak, American Cherry, Red Oak and Maple. We can put on carved HDU appliques, flat digitally printed vinyl appliques, or thin metal overlays for “hybrid” plaques & signs. We can stain parts of the signs and plaques and then paint or gold or silver leaf gild text, trim and art for the rest of the sign (very beautiful for dark mahogany signs). Our wood signs range from very elegant works-of-art to rustic and distressed.
The price for custom single-faced wooden signs ranges from approximately $150 for small (12 to 20 in wide) signs up to $500+ for medium size (36 to 48 in wide) signs, Double-faced signs are 50% more. Prices depend primarily on size, but also on the amount of detail and numbers of colors for art and text, and also the type of wood. Cedar and Redwood are the least expensive, and hardwoods like mahogany, teak and rosewood are more expensive.

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