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Product Line 4, Iron Hangers & Posts

Standard and Custom Wrought Iron and Aluminum Posts, Scroll Bars, Hangers, Sign Stands and Sign Frames

Wrought Iron Post and Scroll Bracket

Hanging Sign with Wrought Iron Square Post, Bollard Base, and Iron Scroll Bracket

Shown is one of our signs for a B&B, hung from a heavy-duty scroll bracket mounted on a square iron post with a Bollard base. This nineteenth-century sign style is in keeping with the B&B's architecture.

Welcome to our photo Gallery showing examples of wrought iron sign scroll brackets, hangers, posts, and stands. If you have just entered our website and you want an overview of our company and all our sign & plaque products, please start with our Home page (dark gray tab upper left). Looking for a specific application for a sign (e.g., lawyer, church, business, ranch, address, etc)? Click on one of our Application Galleries in the numbered light gray boxes on the lower left margin or go to our Photo Gallery Overview page for a complete index of applications..Please call us at 951-698-8484 or EMAIL us at for more information.

In this Product Line we offer both standard and custom wrought iron and aluminum sign hangers, scroll brackets, posts and sign stands which interface with signs and plaques in our other Product Lines, for no-hassle sign installations. The Photo Gallery below shows some of these products.Use the slider on the scroll bar on right edge of the window to see the photos at the bottom of this page.

These hardware fixtures are custom fitted to each of the sign shapes and sizes we offer, if you order the hanger or stand at the same time as you do the sign. Prices vary depending on size, but typical scroll brackets start at $99.00. These fixtures enable you to install your sign with minimum effort, usually less than half an hour (for the hangers and wrought iron stands; the larger 3 to 4 inch diameter aluminum and steel posts require several hours to dig the foundation and pour concrete). There is no drilling or cutting of the wrought iron or sign required; simply drive stakes in the ground for the 2 in diameter square posts. or put fasteners in a wall or door and install a few bolts or screws in the wrought iron hangers and scroll brackets. The 3 and 4 in diameter aluminum and steel posts require holes in the ground poured with concrete. Art SignWorks will make holes, chain lengths, fasteners, etc. to fit your sign's size, shape, and thickness.

All of these products that are designed for outdoor use are protected either of two ways. The aluminum and steel hardware (top of page) is powder-coated for the longest lasting finish. The wrought iron hardware (bottom of page) is galvanized with a zinc coating, coated with a special corrosive-protection primer, and then painted with two coats of Rustoleum metal enamels in your choice of six colors.

These wrought iron sign scroll brackets, posts, and integrated supports frames may be ordered without a sign or these products may be ordered with one of our signs. We offer the following hardware:

(1) Square steel posts, 1 ", 2", or 3 " wide, up to 8 ft tall
(2) Round aluminum posts , 3 " diameter posts, black with wide selection of bases (up to 11 " diameter) and finials
(3) Wrought iron (steel) Scroll Brackets, from simple to decorative (cast aluminum sculptures) , up to 48" wide, to be mounted on the side of a building,or mounted on a square or round post above (or alternatively 4" x 4" in wood posts) for decorative blade signs (usually double-faced). These brackets can be used for over-the-sidewalk signs, driveway entrance signs, street signs, etc.
(4) Overhead reverse scroll brackets, to be mounted between two posts and the sign hung underneath, works well with curved top signs such as ovals.

(5) Double-post stands with hanging chains with arched or straight top beams with scrolls and two chains to hang larger wood and HDU decorative signs (single or double-faced).
(6) Double-post side-tab frames with arched or straight scroll beams and four side tabs (no chains) for large and medium size decorative or horizontal signs (single or double-faced).
(7) Single-post stand with scroll and attachment plate with adjustable view angle for mounting small decorative and horizontal signs (single-faced only).
(8) Wall-bracket projecting scroll brackets with scroll work (3 different standard designs, plus many custom designs), both straignt and curved bottoms, for decorative blade signs (usually double-faced), for businesses who need an over-the-sidewalk sign or to attach to a single 4 x 4 wood post.
(9) Specialized custom wrought iron sign frames, holders, and scroll brackets. These are fitted to one of our signs and must be made the same time as the sign because of the tight tolerances(see M7212 to M7216).

We offer both standard and fully custom in-house products when specialized, completely custom wrought iron frames, hangers or posts are needed.

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