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Product Line 6 - Monument and Entrance Signs

Monument and Entrance Signs, Bases, Pillars and Supports - Wood & Steel Posts, Concrete, Stone, Brick, Marble, Stucco, and EPS Foam

Welcome to our photo Gallery of bases and supports for monument and large entrance signs.This page describes our products that can provide structural support and display the signs ,e.g., posts, bases, pillars, & back structure or panels; examples of the the signs themselves are shown in the Gallery for Product Line 5 - Large Signs. For these or other Galleries, click on a box in the lower left margin. If you have just entered our website and you want an overview of our company and all our sign products, please start with our Home page. Please call us at 951-698-8484 or EMAIL us at for more information.

Monument Signs, EPS Foam signs, Post-and-Panel Signs


This page shows photos of over 100 monument sign designs.Use the slider on the scroll bar on right edge of the window to see the photos at the bottom of this page.A more detailed desription of the types of monument signs is given art the bottom of this page.Use the slider on the scroll bar on the right to see the bottom of this page. Please click on any Photo below to enlarge it and get more details.

Monument signs are large (typically 6 to 15 ft wide), low (4 to 9 ft high), freestanding signs, often mounted on a solid base on the ground, sometimes with pillars, located at the entrance road to a residential community or town, a park, a church, a corporation, an industrial park, a large farm or estate, or a hotel or resort.. They can be made perpendicular to the main street, and two-sided, so passing cars from either direction can see the sign; often, however, they are perpendicular or at a 45 degree angle to an entrance road or driveway and are single-sided so they can be seen by a car entering the driveway, with the back of the sign hidden.

The term "monument" strictly refers to those signs with a substantial stone, concrete or brick base laid on a concrete foundation (referred to here as masonry monuments, or (B) below). However, we use the term more generally here to refer to three types of bases/support systems for large, freestanding, roadside or entrance signs mounted near the ground. We make and sell all three of these, as shown in the photo Gallery above. These are described as follows:
(A) Post & Panel Signs.These signs are supported by wood or wrought iron (steel posts), sometimes with lateral beams mounted on the bottom or back of the sign. Posts typically vary from 4 inches in width (4 x 4's) to as much as 12 inches in width, and can be square, round, or rustic (logs).The sign itself (the panel) is usually sandblasted or carved HDU or wood, described in Product Line 5. Less expensive ones have MDO or foam PVC signs mounted on them. For large signs, we reinforce the panels with steel, aluminum or wood beams. Wrought iron supports can have scrolls on them.
(B) Masonry Monument Signs. These signs usually have masonry bases, often with side pillars, which can be made with a poured concrete, concrete block or brick core (sometimes large ones have a hollow wood frame core) mounted on a concrete slab or footer foundation, and faced with one of the following: real stone, brick, poured concrete, stucco, marble, ceramic tile, wood, HDU or a bronze plaque. For residential communities, these signs may be connected to a wall with a similar design.These often have separate large stand-off letters and logos made of metal (aluminum, bronze, iron, or gold-plated aluminum,, plastic, HDU, and metal-coated HDU or wood -see Product Line 7). However, we can also mount HDU and wood signs on these bases; both types are shown in the Gallery photos above.
(C) Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Monument Signs. These have the same appearance as masonry monument signs (B) above) but are less expensive and are much easier to install. A variety of exterior surfaces is available, including faux stone, brick, stucco and marble. They have a hard protective coating over an EPS foam interior and are rugged and durable. Like (B), they can have a variety of sign faces, including sandblasted or carved HDU, wood, or ceramic tile, and can also have stand-off metal or HDU letters installed on the sign face. We can provide custom models as well as the standard models shown on the page above. Most of the photos for EPS standard models (above) were designed by others, and are included here only as examples of what the standard models look like. The integrated assembly is ready for simple installation by the buyer or a handyman contractor; however, we can install these in the Southern California area.

Art SignWorks sells all of these various types of bases and supports. We sell and install (A),(B) and (C) in Southern California ,and also sell (A) and (C) throughout the USA and Canada. (A) and (C) can be shipped anywhere in the USA or Canada for easy on-site installation. We do not sell the bases for (B), Masonry Monuments, except in Southern California (however, we sell the signs for these bases throughout the USA). Masonry monument signs usually requires detailed architectural drawings and more complex government permits, specialty labor, and can take several days or more to construct the monument (pouring the concrete foundation, laying blocks, bricks, or stone, installing electric) and to install the sign on the site.

We will design you a custom entry or monument sign of any of the three types above, at no cost, assuming you buy the base/support system. You can either order just the sign, or the sign plus posts or pillars, base, etc ((A) and (C) only) in an easy to install kit form. Please browse the designs above. Please refer to the ID number (e.g, M6480) and Model number (for (C) only) if you want your sign to be similar to one or more signs shown in the galleries.