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P25019 - Carved Entrance Sign for an Equine Farm with Gold Medallion

P25019 - Carved Entrance Sign for an Equine Farm with Gold Medallion

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This elegant carved and sandblasted HDU sign for a North Carolina horse farm uses a forest green background with metallic gold, white and blue trim.The text, double border and medallion are raised; the horse figure is engraved onthe gold medallion. We can make intricate art and text with our computer-controlled router. This ranch entrance sign can be mounted on a building wall or fence, on a post or between two posts, or hung from a wood or iron hanger, We can make a custom sandblasted or carved wood or HDU horse or equestrian sign or wall plaque of any design in any size from 2 ft to 14 ft wide. These can be placed on a stucco, stone or brick monument base, between iron or wood posts, or on a wall, fence or gate. We can customize these signs with any shape, border, font style, art, or color scheme with carved (engraved) or raised text and art of your choice.

The price for custom single-faced horse and equestrian signs ranges from approximately $200+ for small size (16 to 24 in wide) signs and plaques up to $500+ for large signs 3 ft or wider, and $1000+ for 6 ft and larger. Double-faced (two sided) signs are 50% more. Monument bases, and wrought iron or wooden posts are in addition to sign prices, and can be purchased separately (see Product Lines 6 and 4)..

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