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M22965 - Carved 3D Appliques of a Cabin, Mountain and Desert Scenes

M22965 - Carved 3D Appliques of a Cabin, Mountain and Desert Scenes

This page shows the 3D designs of a cabin(A), mountain (Teton National Park, (B)) and desert scenes(Cholla bush(C), Joshua Tree (D)), carved from wood or HDU, which can be placed into any of our signs and plaques. These art appliques, carved in bas-relief, can be put on any HDU or wood sign of sufficient size.

These appliques are carved from either HDU or wood of various types, and have exquisite detail and finish quality. Their design can be modified. They are hand-sanded and hand-painted. For wood, including Mahogany, they can be stained and clear-coated. For HDU, they can be artist-brush painted their natural colors (your choice) in multi-color enamels, or alternatively, gold, silver or copper-leaf gilded in HDU. One of these only increases the cost of the sign by $50 to $75, depending on size and finish. A carved 3D sculpture will make your sign unique and attractive at a budget price.

To see other carved 3D wood or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) art pieces for signs suitable for lake and mountain homes & businesses, including wild animal, bird, fish, trees and scenes carved wood art, and our cabin and cottage wood & HDU signs, please click on Gallery 21- Lake and Mountain Homes & Businesses.

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