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M5402 - Raised and Incised (Engraved) Letters

M5402 - Raised and Incised (Engraved) Letters

Shown are two lettering techniques of about equal complexity and cost. These are the least expensive and simplest lettering techniques, and are standard for the base price for Product Line 8 signs. The top picture shows "Spring Valley" elevated above a sand- blasted, grain-patterned background with raised, flat,smooth (i.e.,not sandblasted) letters. Most of the lettering for the signs in photos 8001 through 8008 use this technique.

The bottom photo shows engraved (incised) lettering using reverse sandblast techniques (as in many of the plaques in Product Line 4). This can also be done more precisely with our CNC router, which can cut v-carved and prismatic text and borders. Most clients prefer the raised lettering, but if you want a smooth-surfaced sign, and do not want to pay for hand-carved or gilded separate cut-out letters, consider the engraved incised approach or alternatively, a CNC routed sign, which leaves a smooth background.

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