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lf you have entered our website through this page, you might first want to visit our Home Page (upper left dark gray Tab) This form is to be used if you wish to order a design proof good for up to 2 iterations (cost $30 which is credited to your account should you purchase the sign), OR if we have quoted you the price of the sign and you wish to go  to make a down payment and order the sign.

There may be  two steps to the proofing process. For those of you who wish to order a new design that we have not made before, and want to see approximately what  your sign or plaque will look like before you commit to purchasing it, we recommend you order the $30 preliminary proof  first before you order the sign. If you like this prelininary design, you can then  make a down  payment and order the production of the sign. Once that is done,  there may be several more iterations on the design with multiple proofs for your review until you are satisfied you have your  "perfect" final design (called a Production Proof),  which you will then approve and we will begin fabrication of  your sign or plaque.

However if you select a design of a sign or plaque we have made before that is displayed on our website, or you have a photo of an existing sign or have a detailed drawing of it, we usually skip the step of the $30 preliminary proof (because you have a good idea of what the as-built sign will look  like) and we will go directly to developing the production proof, which begins after you make a down payment and place a firm production order. You can still make changes in the design through multiple design iterations and  you still must give your final approval of the Production Proof before fabrication begins. We never begin sign or plaque fabrication until you approve the Production Proof, even though we may have made that particular design dozens of times before.

If you wish to get free consulting, a price quote or estimate, or initiate the design process, please click on the Request a Design and Price Estimate or Firm Quote form instead of this one. Please fill out the form including your name , address,and shipping information and how you wish to pay in the form below and a representative will contact you within a day to request any missing details necessary to process your order. You may charge your credit card on-line (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery) at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you may send a check, pay in person, or phone us at 951-698-8484 and Regina or Christie will take your order.

Privacy and Security Protection. This is a secure site and all of your personal information, including your credit card information, is very well protected, through encryption and electronic and physical security procedures. We do not see or retain your credit card number or other credit card information; it is transmitted directly to via an encrypted and secure link. We do not sell your email address to third-parties. Our privacy and security policy are described in Privacy Policy .

Instead of providing your credit card number, as an alternative you may send us a check or money order to: Art Signworks, Inc. 41785 Elm Street Suite 302, Murrieta, CA 92562 If you decide to send a check, you do not need to fill out this form, but you must send us a confirmation of your order and proof approval, and shipping address along with the check, or you can send this information by e-mail. We do not start production on a sign until we either get a credit card number or check, or approved PO, and you have approved the Final Proof. We request 50% of the price as payment at the start of production, which may include detailed production design,  and the remaining 50% upon shipping of your order. Thank you for your order; we appreciate your business.

Doing Business with Art Sign Works, Inc. (Our Guarantee and Warranty with You, the Customer)

Our company sells custom made-to-order products. We will tell you exactly what you will get; then if you choose to order, you are committed to complete your purchase (since it is a custom product designed for you specifically, and no one else really wants it!). We will make the sign or plaque exactly the way we promised (i.e. according to the Final Design Proof and specifications) and deliver it to you. When we do so, you must pay for it as you promised (amount and payment dates). Normally, this simple process works very smoothly and very few problems arise; over 99% of all our customers are pleased with their custom sign(s) when they receive them (see our  Testimonials ) However, in the unlikely event we make an error when we build the sign(s) (this happens very rarely, but it does occur a few times a year despite QA procedures, since we are only human) , or the sign is damaged in shipping, we will either correct the errors or fix the damage in an expedited manner, or if we cannot do so, you can return the sign to us and we will cheerfully refund all your money. If your sign is not what we promised, or has been damaged in shipping, and we cannot modify or repair the sign to meet the Proof specifications, we will either make a new replacement sign for you (if you wish) or refund all your payments. However, if you keep the sign(s), you must pay us the amount we have agreed upon.

It is really quite simple...however, to make our mutual obligations perfectly clear, we have written a Sign Purchase Agreement which provides details of our mutual obligations under various situations.You can read this by clicking on the gray box in the left column labelled Sign Purchase Agreement . This document provides in more detail the terms & conditions summarized above, but also explains our 2 year warranty and some safety advisories on overhead sign installation. If you place a firm order for a sign, you should read and understand this Agreement. If you don't agree with all or part of it, please do not order your sign until you discuss your concerns with us. By placing a firm order, you have agreed to the terms and conditions in the Sign Purchase Agreement. We think the terms are simple, straightforward, fair to both parties, and reasonable in protecting the rights of both Buyer (you) and Seller (us). If you disagree with or have questions on any of the terms and conditions, you should discuss them with us before you order your sign.

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