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Process when Client Supplies the Sign Shape Design

The client may supply the sign shape or size for either catalog standard personalized signs Product Lines 1,2, and 3 or for Custom signs,Product Line 8.In the first case, the client must supply a vector computer file of the sign's outline to us (use Send a File), and the size must be 22 inches by 46 inches or smaller.Also, there should be no protrusions greater than a couple of inches from the main body of the sign. If all 3 of these conditions are true, then we will treat this as a standard sign with a price comparable to other standard signs in the Product Line, adjusted for area.

If, however, the sign is larger than the standard signs, or highly irregular in shape (requiring special backing for HDU signs), or we have to design the shape and iterate with the client on the proper size and shape, this will be considered a Custom sign ,Product Line 8, and we will provide a quote to the client after we better understand the requirements.