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Some Tips on Specifying and Designing a Great-looking Sign

Dramatic and attractive signs can vary greatly in appearance, but they have a few features in common, regardless of whether they are for residences,businesses, churches, parks, etc.These are:
(1) The sign is appropriately sized. too small a sign when viewed from the average observer's distance will be a failure.
(2) The main message/text is EASY TO READ from a distance. Letters are very large, are not crowded or elongated, use a readible font style, anf have good color contrast.
(3)There is not too much information on the sign. You are not writing a book; but denoting the name, address number, and sometimes type of establishment (for a business). One to five words or number sets is about right. If you have 10 or 20 words on your sign, no one can read it unless they stop in front of it.This may be OK for a Swimming Pool Rules sign, but not much else.
(4)Use simple, bold, brightly colored EASY TO RECOGNIZE art if you are trying to attract attention of pedestrians or passers-by in cars.
(5) Be innovative in your design so that your sign stands out from others.Use slanted, curved or shaped text; integrate your text and art; be bold, highly stylized yet simple in your design. Nothing is worse than a boring sign (unless it is informational, such as a park sign)
(6) Use colors which help bring your message across and are compatible with other stylistic aspects of the sign, including font style, artwork, and sign shape.These can be bright and gay (primary colors), natural looking (tan, brown and green), elegant (royal blue, red, and metallic gold), marine (grey,blue-gray),or classic (black and white, gold and black).

An attractive, colorful, INTERESTING sign will catch the attention of passers-by and give a favorable impression of your establishment or residence.