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Product Line 3 - Carved Wood 3-D and 2.5-D Signs & Plaques (Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany, Walnut, and Maple)

3-D carved bas-relief, carved and sandblasted 2.5-D, and/or engraved. Stained, painted, antiqued and/or text and trim painted or gilded with 24K gold or silver-leaf.

Welcome to our photo Gallery 3 which shows examples of our Product Line 3 wood  indoor and outdoor signs and plaques. To visit our 2.5-D carved and sandblasted HDU signs and plaques in Product Line 1, please visit Gallery 1. To view our 3-D carved HDU signs in Product Line 2, please visit Gallery 2. To see these photo Galleries, you can click on the numbered gray boxes in the lower left margin of this page.

We manufacture a large number of wood signs each year,  and have many different styles, wood types and species to choose from. We make our signs from premium knot-free heartwood, with a choice of wood species including Western Red Cedar, California Redwood, African Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, and Red Oak. These premium carved, natural wood signs and plaques can be carved in 2 1/2 dimensions (2.5-D) or 3 dimensions (3-D) . They can also be sandblasted to accentuate the wood grain.

2.5-D signs differ from 3-D signs in that the artwork, borders and text have flat top surfaces, usually at three to five levels of relief or elevation.  3-D signs have rounded or curved top surfaces, like bas-relief sculptures. Sometimes we carve small 3-D appliques out of HDU  (e.g., trees & flowers,, domestic animals, wildlife,  fish,  birds, etc) and paint and mount them on wood signs or plaques. We also engrave text, borders, and artwork directly into the wood. They can be  engraved by either V-carving (prismatic) or U-carving (flat bottom).

We can stain any wood species any color using premium MinWax stains, or they can be painted with Matthews and 1-Shot long-lasting, UV resistant paints,. All our wood signs are clear-coated twice with a premium Matthews polyurethane acrylic clear. We show examples of all of these carving, staining and painting techniques in Gallery 3 below.

Custom Carved Wooden Signs and Plaques


Our outdoor and indoor wood signs & plaques can made from a variety of wood species (Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Cherry and vintage barnwood) and have many styles, from formal and elegant to rustic. We use many different Minwax stains, and can paint, engrave with our CNC router or laser, sandblast, gold-leaf and carve 3D artwork. All our wood signs are given two coats of UV resistant clear coats for long life and lasting beauty.

Our wood signs and wall plaques are carved from kiln-dried prime-grade Western Red Cedar, all-heart vertical grain California Redwood, or premium hardwoods such as African mahogany, Red Oak, or furniture-quality American Maple, Black Walnut and Cherry. When finished with MinWax stains (or left natural with no stain) and two coats of clear Matthews MAP polyurethane acrylic, the natural beauty of the wood will make your sign or wall plaque a work of art that you will be proud of and will last for a lifetime. We also paint wood signs in a manner similar to our High-Density-Urethane (HDU) signs in Product Lines 1 and 2 (Galleries 1 and 2).

We have over 180 photos of examples of wood signs on this Gallery 3 page, and we have over 2000 photos of wood signs and plaques distributed throughout the other  45 photo galleries of various applications (e.g, farm signs, beach-house signs, military signs, etc.) on this site. Our wood  signs are shown interspersed with other types of signs & plaques ( Product Lines 2 through 7 ) in application Galleries 10 to Gallery 35; only about 10% of our wood signs are shown as examples on this page. After the title on each photo, the Gallery where other similar signs for the same application (e.g., beach and seashore signs) are shown is listed in parentheses. Please click on a numbered gray box in the lower left margin to visit an Application Gallery. 

To visit our 2.5-D carved and sandblasted HDU signs and plaques in Product Line 1, please visit Gallery 1. To view our 3-D carved HDU signs in Product Line 2, please visit Gallery 2. To see these photo Galleries, you can click on the numbered gray boxes in the lower left margin of this page.

As an alternative to the wood signs shown her, please consider High-Density-Urethane (HDU) signs. Our HDU signs are less expensive than wood signs, last longer and require less maintenance when the sign is mounted outdoors. For these reasons, if you want a painted sign or plaque, rather than a stained or clear-coated sign or plaque that shows wood grain patterns, we generally recommend HDU as the material of choice, instead of wood ; however some of our clients, such as the National Park Service, require wood because of its greater resistance to impact damage. The disadvantage of painted wood signs is that they should be repainted or clear-coated every 2 or 3 years (more often if they are exposed to frequent water and full sun),  unlike HDU signs, which may only need to be repainted every 10 years or so.

We make our wood signs for both outdoor and indoor use. We have styles that range from elegant hardwoods with distinctive grains and no knots (Mahogany, Black Walnut and American Cherry are best for this) to rustic (we recommend Cedar and Redwood for this type of sign). Our wood signs can be stained (we use Minwax fine wood stains) and clear-coated with Matthews 2-part MAP. They can also be painted solid colors with MAP automotive-type 2-part acrylic MAP and 1-Shot Sign Paint (these cost over $200/gallon).Our Matthews automotive-type polyurethane acrylic paint and clear-coats are UV and graffitti resistance, so there is very little fading when the sign is exposed to direct sunlight, and graffiti can usually be cleaned off with acetone. However we recommend strongly that if you want an outdoor painted wood sign, you purchase a painted High-Density-Urethane (HDU) sign instead (Product Lines 1 or 2). Painted HDU looks the same as painted wood, but lasts much longer, requires less maintenance, and is less expensive.

The only situations where we recommend wood for outdoor signs is when it is required that the wood be stained and clear-coated, showing its grain and natural beauty (we cannot stain HDU), or when extreme ruggedness is required. For example, we make our large painted National Park signs from Cedar rather than HDU, because of the possibility of vandalism (wood is stronger and more impact resistance than HDU) and the NPS repaints and maintains the sign annually. Stained and clear-coated wood signs are best suited indoors, protected from the weather, but we do make hundreds of stained and clear-coated wood signs for the outdoor use each year. We recommend these be protected from the weather and UV radiation if possible (e.g., located under an eave) and maintained annually by filling any cracks and applying another clear coat. Stained wood signs and wall plaques can be very beautiful and interesting, and convey a message that painted HDU signs cannot provide..

QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY - OUR SIGNS ARE MADE OF THE BEST MATERIALS AND HAVE A LONG LIFE.  We use the very best materials and manufacturing processes to create our wood signs. We provide a warranty of 2 years, and we expect our  wood signs and plaques to last for several decades with proper maintenance.  We use prime, kiln-dried, knot-free, vertical grain all-heart Redwood, Cedar, and Mahogany that are supplied by Forest Plywood and Wood Products. We use Minwax low VOC stains. We use Ultra Low VOC  Matthews automotive-type 2-part polyurethane acrylic paint and clear-coat ,  which  are UV and graffitti resistance, so there is very little fading when the sign is exposed to direct sunlight, and graffiti can usually be cleaned off with acetone. Matthews paints cost $200/gallon, compared to house paints which cost $30/gallon that most other sign companies use. Matthews MAP will last  20 years or more before repainting. We use 1-Shot Low  VOC Oil-Based High Gloss Lettering Enamels for text and artwork. 1-Shot is simply the best (and most expensive) lettering enamel in the world. It costs $250/gallon.

OUR PRODUCTS ARE  ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.  We are a "green" company. Of course, our domestic and imported wood signs are "Green". We only use wood from renewable forests that use environmentally sound practices.Also, for every wood sign we sell, we donate  money to  Arbor Day Foundation to plant two to five  trees, depending on the size of the sign, .to support important tree planting efforts around the globe. .We also use environmentally friendly primers, stains, topcoats and clear-coats. The Minwax stains we use are Low VOC. The Matthews Ultra Low VOC polyurethane acrylic paints and clear-coats we use limit VOC to less than 50 g/L while providing greater durability, gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints.We also use a Low VOC version of 1-Shot sign enamel for painting text, borders and artwork. All our manufacturing and painting processes are Green, with minimal air pollution, because our dust collectors, paint spray booths, and fully-enclosed and recyclable sandblast booths cause very low air pollution and carbon emissions. 

OUR PRICES. Our custom designed smaller 3-D signs, 18 inches to 24 inches wide, have retail prices that range $99 to $350. Medium size single-face signs, from 24 inches to 48 inches wide, have retail prices from $300 to $900 and up. Large signs, from 48 inches to 96 inches, have retail prices from $800 to $2000 and up. Our sign prices depend primarily on sign area, whether they are single or double-faced, their design detail and complexity (e.g., depth of carving, complexity and fine detail, number of paint colors and amount of hand-painting, and any special features (e.g., steel reinforcements and frames, overlays, gold leaf, etc.). These prices do not include posts or support structures, which we sell separately. More detailed information on sign retail prices, along with their design features, are described on the Price, Size, and Design Features page.

PLEASE CONTACT US - WE HAVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please call or email us for a price quote on a specific sign. We will work with you to design and build the exact sign or plaque you want. Our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives, Christie and Regina, will respond to your request promptly. Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at Or, you can fill out and submit our on-line Request an Estimate Form. We would like very much to make your sign or plaque, and we are confident that you will be pleased with it. We take great pride in every sign or plaque we make for our valued clients.

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We make beautiful classical sandblasted, hand-carved, engraved, or machine carved California Redwood, Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, Red Oak, Maple, and Cherry signs. We offer the same shapes, sizes and artwork choices as for High Density Urethane (HDU) signs. Many people prefer the natural beauty of stained and varnished wood instead of the enameled paint finish of HDU, even though more maintenance is required for outdoor wood signs than for HDU signs.

Similar to Product Line 2, we offer Premium Carved three-dimensional (3-D) wood bas-relief signs and plaques as well as less expensive 2.5-D sandblasted signs. These signs and plaques have premium 3-D hand-carved or machine-carved bas-relief sculptured art and sometimes beveled or V-cut text , in contrast to regular sandblasted wood signs which have 2.5-D art and text. (also shown in this page). Examples of 3-D carved wood art are shown in photos M3950 through M3969 below.

We have over 2000 pieces of computerized 3-D art in our art library. Wooden signs and plaques with 3-D carved art are slightly more expensive (10 % to 20%) than the simpler 2.5-D sandblasted wood signs but are far more interesting and elegant. These can be painted with oil enamels, or the wood backgrounds can be either stained different colors or left natural, and finished with two coats of an outdoor clearcoat. We can work from a design in our Galleries (please designate with ID number such as M3070), a photo, a sketch you supply, a computer file, or we can create a new design for you.

Wood signs are about 15% to 20% more expensive than HDU signs of similar design and size, depending on the wood type and construction method. Cedar is least expensive, followed by Redwood and Mahogany. Oak, Maple and Cherry are intermediate priced. Walnut and Teak are most expensive.

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