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Product Line 4A - Wood Posts, Horizontal Wood Beams, and Wood Sign Supports STYLES and PRICE CODES 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6)

Fig 1 - HDU Park sign with two 4x4 painted Cedar posts mounted on back of sign

Welcome to  Product Line  4A showing examples of custom wood sign posts,  finials, cross beams, and other custom wood support structures for signs. Approximate prices for Product Line 4A wood posts and cross beams   are given in Lines 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6  in Table 4B on our Retail Prices and Design Options page. 

We also provide custom aluminum & steel posts, bases and finials (see Gallery 4),  Corten weathering steel (see Gallery 8) , reinforced plastic wood (HDPE) posts & horizontal beams (see Gallery 9), and aluminum and wrought iron ornate scroll brackets (shown in Gallery 4). . 

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Fig 2 - Condo HDU sign with two 4x4 painted Cedar posts mounted on sides of sign, with horizontal beam below sign

We make  custom square, rectangular and round wood posts, and also upper or lower horizontal wood support beams  connected to a single or double post arrangement, which can support a sign from above (hanging sign) or below (sign rests on beam). We also make carved decorative horizontal boards mounted on top or below a sign. Our wood posts  can be interfaced with the aluminum or steel scroll brackets described in Gallery 4. (see Fig, 2 below). We also make custom and standard  aluminum and steel posts and brackets described in Gallery 4. Our long-lasting low-maintenance reinforced plastic wood HDPE posts and lateral boards and beams are shown in Gallery 9.  This Gallery 4A describes wood supports made out of Cedar, Redwood, Douglas Fir, and hardwoods.

Wood posts and beams are generally thicker and more substantial than aluminum and steel posts and beams/brackets, and can be made to look more elegant because they can be custom carved in any design, or for some signs, they can have a rustic look that aluminum or steel hardware cannot achieve.  They are generally lower in price, but require more frequent maintenance (painting or varnishing) and do not last as long.  Because they are fairly heavy, they are more expensive to ship. Some customers buy wood posts locally (e.g., 4 x4 's), but more elaborate wood posts, structures and supports require specialty lumber products and may require complex routing for joining them together into a complete support system for the sign..


Fig. 3 - Large 6x6 Cedar post with 2x4 Cedar crossbeam and wrought iron support bracket, for hanging HDU sign

All of our wood posts and beams are precisely cut, sanded, drilled, prime coated, and painted. Wood posts below ground are treated with a wood preservative.  We design and fabricate these  custom wood supports so they interface easily with the signs we provide. These wood supports come in kit form with all holes drilled and attachment hardware (e.g., bolts, angle irons, screws, etc.)  provided so they can be easily assembled on-site  for no-hassle sign installations. These hardware fixtures are custom fitted to each of the sign shapes and sizes we offer, if you order the hanger or stand at the same time as you do the sign.  Art Sign Works will drill holes, adjust chain lengths, and provide  custom steel or aluminum side brackets  or L-brackets to fit your sign's size, shape, and thickness. These wood support products should  be ordered at the same time  you order a sign, to ensure  precision interfaces  with the sign. The wood  posts  can have diameters from  4 inches to 10 inches,  and  require holes to be dug in the ground, usually 2 or 3 feet deep, which are  usually poured with concrete or occasionally filled with rocks.

We offer the following wood sign supports:   

Posts. Square rectangular and round wooden posts, from 4 ft high to 12 ft high, with 2 feet in the ground. Posts with square or rectangular cross-sections are typically (1) 4 inches x 4 inches, (2) 4 inches x 6 inches, (3) 6 inches x 6 inches, or (4) 8 inches x 8 inches. Round posts can be 4", 6", 8" or 10" in diameter. Posts with square or rectangular cross-sections  are usually made of Western Red Cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated Douglas Fir. Round posts are usually made from [pressure-treated Southern  Pine. Hanging signs can be hung from a cross-beam mounted on a single square or rectangular post (see Fig 6 below) , or under a cross-beam connected to two posts (see Fig 5 below).. Large signs can be supported from posts on both sides (see Fig 2 above), or for single-sided signs, by posts on the back side of the sign (see Fig 1 above)                      

Fig 4 - Large 10" diameter round Southern pine posts used for side-mounting HDU sign

Horizontal Wood Cross-Beams. Many of our signs have horizontal wooden cross beams which are connected to one or two posts. For  large HDU post-and-panel signs which are supported by posts at both  ends of the sign (often with two sides so the sign  can be viewed in either direction), a cross-beam  may be installed below the sign to help support it. See Fig 2 for an example. Wood signs usually do not need this extra strength. Single-faced signs with two or three posts located on the back of the sign (rather than the ends of the sign) usually do need a cross-beam, because the posts provide support over the entire back surface of the sign. See Fig. 1 above  for an example.  A cross-beam can also be installed on a single post above the sign and the sign hung from it (Fig. 5 shows an example of this). Some signs have both top and bottom cross-beams, and the top-beam can be carved in an ornate style (See photo M4820 below for an example of this). 


Fig 5 - Naturally finished 6"x 6" Cedar posts with top horizontal beam for hanging HDU sign with chains


Free-Standing signs mounted between two side-mounted posts. These supports are typically used for larger double-faced signs, since they do not obstruct the back of the sign. Single-face signs often use back-mounted posts which provide better support against winds and accidental impactsHorizontal cross-beams for side-mounted posts have the same or smaller cross-sections as wood posts. Usually their outer surface is flush with the posts, so they look like a single assembly. Typical sizes of bottom cross-beams for 4" x 4" posts  are 2"  high and  4 " deep, or 4" high and 4" deep.  The top cross-beam or board can be carved in any custom design for a decorative or  ornate look, These  top pieces can be 6" or 8* high and 2" or 4" deep. These can be cut in an decorative shape, and engraved with text or artwork. Photo M4820 below shows an example of this. 

Wide (i.e., 72" to 120")  free-standing HDU signs may need  a bottom and/or top cross-beam for support and strength because of high winds, etc. The alternative is to make a flat-bar perimeter steel frame around the sign, and for single-sided signs, a flat-bar lattice on the back side of the sign welded to the perimeter frame or to embed. For very large double-faced free-standing panel-and-post signs,  a steel internal frame  frame sandwiched between two sheets of HDU is often used to provide greater strength than HDU provides by itself.  Large wood signs, usually 1.5 to  2 inches thick, do not need this type of support, and usually do not require cross-beams except for appearance reasons. Both wood and HDU free-standing signs normally use extended side-brackets glued and screwed on their top and bottom extended ends to enable simple  installation to the wood posts. The side-brackets extend above and below the sign so it is easy to put in wood screws or carriage bolts (inserted into drilled holes through the posts)  to fasten them to the posts.

Fig 6 - 4" x 4" Single Cedar Post/Finial and Horizontal beam with corner brace for hanging HDU sign

PRICES. Prices vary depending on size and design and type of wood. a single 4x4 Cedar post 8 ft long, sanded and painted with attachment hardware,  has a price of $270.  This post with a top 42 inch wide cross-beam , reinforced by  corner braces , has a price of $560 . This post with a 48" wrought iron scroll bracket instead of the horizontal wood beam has a price of $370.  Two 8 ft long posts without a cross-beam but with hardware to attach the sign to the posts are $550; adding a 2" x 4"  bottom or top cross beam 72" long with hardware  increases the price to $1150. Approximate prices for Product Line 4A wood posts and cross beams   are given in Lines 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6  in Table 4B on our Retail Prices and Design Options page. Please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for quotes for your specific sign project. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please call or email us for a price quote or information on a specific post or bracket. We will work with you to design and build the exact hardware, including a sign, that you want. Our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives, Christie, Regina and Liz,  will respond to your request promptly. Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at Or, you can fill out and submit our on-line Request an Estimate Form.




Fig 7 - Stained 12" x 10" rustic Douglas Fir posts with sign supported by horizontal wood struts


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