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Wall & Podium Plaques for the Federal, State, County and City Governments, the Military, Courts, and Police and Fire Departments

 custom carved 3-D and 2.5-D Wall Plaques of Federal, State, City and Military Seals, Emblems, Crests, Insignia, Badges and Logos

A few examples of our custom carved 3-D and 2.5-D Wall Plaques of Federal, State, City and Military Seals, Emblems, Crests, Insignia, Badges and Logos

This page provides a summary and examples of our standard, personalized, and custom 3-D, 2.5-D, and engraved wall plaques that we design and fabricate for the military; federal, state and county, city and village  governments and their departments, agencies, legislatures and courts; police & fire departments; colleges, schools, companies, clubs, churches, and homes.  Art Sign Works Also makes & sells factory-direct high-quality custom 3-D & 2.5-D dimensional carved wood, High-Density-Urethane (HDU), and metal wall and podium plaques,  command & award Boards, and Base entrance and building Signs for  the Military and   their contractors throughout the USA and overseas. We also make plaques of the six Service seals for recognition and memorial displays for Veteran organizations and community centers.  All of our plaques & signs are made in the USA by American craftsmen. Our wall and podium plaques can have any of the design styles shown in  Product Lines 1, 2, 3, 7,and 7A, described in our Product Line webpage. 

If you have just entered our website and you want an overview of our company and all our products, including signs for private commercial and residential customers, please start with our Home page (in gray  navigation box upper left). We also  have another major website featuring our wall & podium plaques, for the Wood & Metal Plaque Company , (click to visit).  This website has photos of over two thousand more plaques displayed than this website does, including recent ones, and is easily navigated. If you are looking for a wall or podium plaque, we recommend you go that website instead of this one. 

The short video below gives an overview of  the creative process we use to make our beautiful and authentic plaques. We take pride in the craftsmanship of each and every plaque we make. 

One-minute Video on Wood, HDU and Metal-plated Wall Plaques (click in center arrow)

Plaques for Government  & Military Customers, including Government Contractors/Resellers

We will work with you to design and build the custom or personalized plaque or sign you want at a reasonable price and deliver it to you within 5 or 6 weeks. We offer a combination of creativity, quality and value, have a great variety of both standard and custom plaque & sign designs of any size, and take pride in every product we build.

.We offer a 2 yr warranty for every sign or plaque in any climate. We are a small woman-owned business (WOSB) and offer products with prices comparable to those on GSA Schedule 78.For federal contracts, we are listed in SAM (System for Award Management), have a DUNS and a CAGE Number, and can use the Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF) , IPR, or other government agency electronic  systems for invoicing and payment. We have approximately 700 contracts or purchase orders each year from Federal and State government agencies, courts,  and the military services. We ship overseas and to APO addresses. You can use a credit card, a PO with 30 day net payment, or a contract agreement to purchase our signs and plaques. We take orders from 1 to over 1,000 signs or plaques.

Above are a some examples of custom carved dimensional wood and High-Density-Urethane (HDU) wall plaques and signs for the military and federal, state, county and city governments . Over 1200 designs are shown in Photo Galleries 30 through 35 (click on a numbered gray box in the lower left hand margin). We can make custom wall plaques of any size, shape, artwork, and color scheme. We make these out of Mahogany, Cedar, Redwood, HDU, and brass, bronze, copper and aluminum coated HDU.

Carved 3-D Wall Plaque Styles

We offer several product lines of carved 3-D sculptured bas-relief.  2.5-D  multi-level raised relief,   engraved, and 2-D flat wood, HDU, and metal and metal-plated wall and podium plaques for the  Military (DoD, USN, USMC, USAF, USSF, USA, and USCG) , US Federal, State , County, City, Village governments and  police, sheriff  & fire departments.

 Carved 3-D wall plaques decorate the walls of many Federal Government offices. Two of our plaques are in the White House, three are in Air Force 1, over 20 are in the Capitol, and over 40 plaques are in our Federal Courts. We specialize in making custom and personalized dimensional wood and HDU organizational identity, commemorative, recognition, award, retirement and memorial wall plaques and seals for organizations and employees. We make signs and plaques from 10 inches to 10 feet wide. We can make a wall plaque or sign incorporating the design of any seal, crest, logo, emblem, badge, medal, shoulder patch, coat-of-arms, drawing, painting, or photo. If you can describe it or give us a photo, picture, or drawing, we can make your custom sign or plaque.

Recent Plaques We Have Made

Above are a few of the over 800 plaques we designed and made this year. . These include carved 3-D and 2.5-D Mahogany wood and bronze, brass, gold, silver-plated and artist-painted High-Density-Urethane. The wall plaques shown above were made for Federal and State government organizations, military units, police & sheriff departments, churches, and families. To see 2000 more designs, see our other website, Wood & Metal Plaques

A few more recent Plaques We Have Made

Plaque Prices Depend on Size and Style 

Our  plaques have wide variations in prices, depending on size and style. Table 1 below   shows RETAIL prices for various  styles and sizes of  plaques. You can click on Ctr++ on your PC to zoom in on this table  or use your two fingers or your mobile phone screen to enlarge the image .You can also  download a PDF zoomable copy of this table which is more easily readable by  clicking on ASW Plaque  Retail Prices.  Only our smaller plaques are show in this table; we make round plaques up to 10 feet in diameter and rectangular signs up to 24 feet long. Please call or email us for prices on these large plaques and signs

Our WHOLESALE prices to qualified resellers with a resale license are substantially lower than those in Table 1.


Table 1 - Abbreviated Price List for Round Wall and Podium Plaques for Government Agencies, Courts, Military and Other Customers

 Our lowest price plaques, Lines (1) and (2) in Table 1 above,  feature digitally-printed full-color giclee vinyl appliques mounted on a  round  or rectangular a solid wood (Mahogany, Cedar or Redwood) or acrylic base. The prices for this type of small two-dimensional (2-D) flat custom plaque are as low as $115 (Acrylic or Sintra  base) These low prices  assume we have made a previous plaque of the same artwork design  ( featured on one of our Galleries), or for new artwork, that we are provided a print-ready JPEG photo or colored drawing of the artwork for the plaque. These are  styles 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 on our Price page of  Wood & Metal Plaques website, with  examples shown on our 2-D Giclee Plaque web page.

Our carved 2.5-D multi-level or engraved  artist-painted plaques, lines (3), (4) and (5)   in Table 1 above,   have prices approximately twice that of the 2-D flat plaques with giclee printed art.  Our more expensive carved 3-D bas-relief artist-painted plaques have prices three to four  times as much. These prices  depend on the size, material, carving complexity, number of colors, and whether the plaque is gilded with 24K gold or silver leaf.

 Prices for  custom carved  18  inch diameter 2.5-D artist-painted or metal-plated  HDU or stained wood plaques vary from $300 to $500 (lines (3), (4) and (5) above). Prices increase with size. These are our most popular plaques for military units. 

3-D Brass-Plated Wall Plaque for Federal Appeal Court

Our premium  plaques are carved in 3-D bas-relief,  usually using  High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are very high-quality  plaques, and are often ordered by federal, state & local government agencies and courts, but also by companies,   clubs, and family  coat-of-arms. These  beautiful custom carved 3-D bas-relief  artist-painted or metal-plated plaques have  higher  prices than the custom carved 2.5-D multi-level relief plaques.  These are shown in lines (9), (10), (11) and (12) in Fig 1 above.. Retail prices for 18  inch diameter 3-D artist-painted or metal-plated  HDU or stained wood custom plaques vary from $570 to $640. Prices increase with plaque size.    These high-quality plaques may require  from 6  to  24  hours of machine carving time,  and then take 6 to 8 hours of artisan work to hand-sand and artist-brush paint them. We also make small (3 to 8 inch diameter) 3D printed plaques (see Gallery 2A).

Above is shown a 9 ft diameter carved 3D 24K gold-leaf gilded HDU plaque of the US Great Seal which we made as the centerpiece of the US Pavilion for Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. This large plaque has an interior steel support structure. We make and ship large and small plaques and signs to most countries anywhere in the world

We make very large (8 ft tp 10 ft diameter) carved HDU, wood and metal plaques for both indoor and outdoor locations. . The great seal plaque above  was made for the U pavilion in Dubai, UAE. Our High-Density-Urethane (HDU) plaques have density of 20 lb/ft3, about that of Redwood,  and are reinforced with internal steel steel square-tube structures or an aluminum backplate  0.5 inch thick.  These large medallions, emblems or seals can be painted, metal-plated , stained (for wood) or gilded with 24K gold leaf. Our outdoor plaques are designed to last decades in any climate and to withstand high winds. The medallion plaque on the right, , one of two identical medallions,  is located top of the Federal courthouse in Tennessee. It is made of carved 3-D HDU which is gilded with 24K gold-leaf, attached to   an identically shaped aluminum backplate 0.5 inch thick which is mounted with 4 struts   to the concrete pillars. 

Large 8 ft Diameter 3-D Exterior Plaque for Federal Courthouse , Gilded with 24K Gold Leaf


We do not  mass-produce our  2.5-D or 3-D plaques using molds; even our most popular "standard" plaques such as the US Great Seal are hand-crafted. Wood plaques have higher prices than High-Density-Urethane (HDU) plaques, and multi-color plaques have higher prices than 1 or 2 color plaques. Metal-plated plaques are more expensive than painted plaques, and 24K gold and silver-leaf gilded plaques have  higher prices , because of the cost of materials and time required by our artisans to precisely hand-gild complex shapes. 

We also offer solid cast bronze or brass plaques made by the US's largest foundry. These have the highest prices, with the prices of 2.5-D relief plaques in lines shown in lines (10) and (11) in Table 1 above. We also offer custom solid 3-D bas-relief cast plaques  in bronze, brass and aluminum metals, but these have higher prices, and are not shown in Fig 1. Call us for prices on these type of plaques.



Carved 3-D Artist-Painted Wall Plaque of England's Royal Coat-of-Arms


If you have a photo or drawing of your seal, badge, insignia, crest, or coat-of-arms,  we can make a custom 2-D, 2.5-D, or 3-D plaque for you. Our talented graphic artists create  2.5-D or 3-D geometric software models using advanced graphic design programs, which we then use to control the extremely precise 3-D computer-controlled carving machines  which carve the plaques to approximate shapes. Craftsmen then hand-sand and hand-carved the plaques to their final shapes. 

About 70% of our plaques are carved in 2.5-D multi-level flat or engraved relief,  using  wood (usually Mahogany, Cedar, or Redwood), or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) as the substrate. These are very popular and look great. Many times the artwork provided to us for custom plaques does not benefit from 3-D rendering, and we recommend 2.5-D relief carving which looks about as  good and is about half the price. Our 2.5-D relief plaques carve faster and are much faster to carve and to paint than 3-D bas-relief plaques, so they have lower prices. Most of our military, university and corporate plaques are carved in 2.5-D relief. 

3-D Artist-Painted Plaque of the Presidential Seal

We  have another major website featuring our wall & podium plaques , at the Wood & Metal Plaque Company , (click to visit).  This website has photos of over a thousand more plaques displayed than this website does, including recent ones, and is easily navigated.  If you are looking for a wall or podium plaque, we recommend you go that website if you want a wider choice of designs and styles.

Gallery 30 - Federal Government Plaques . We show over 250 US Federal Government seals, and branch (executive, legislative, judicial), department and civilian agency plaques (includes Homeland Security and CIA) in Gallery 30. Additional Federal government plaques are shown on our Federal Seal (click to visit) photo gallery page on our associated website for the  Wood & Metal Plaque Company  .

 Gallery 31 - Military Crest and Seal Plaques and Signs. We show over 600 US Military (DoD and its agencies, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) plaques on the  3 pages of Gallery 31.  Over 1500  military seal, crest,  insignia and command board plaques are shown on the seven (7) Military plaques photo gallery pages on our associated website for the Wood & Metal Plaque Company. These photo gallery pages are the DoD & Agencies, the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Air Force and Space Force, the Army , the Coast Guard, and Foreign Military (click on any of these links to visit that photo gallery page on the Wood & Metal Plaque website). 

3-D Artist-Painted Plaque of the Great Seal of the State of Florida


Gallery 32 - State Government Seal Plaques. We show over 200 State Government and Agency, Legislature, and court plaques in Gallery 32. Additional State Government Plaques  are shown on our photo gallery page State Seals (click to visit) on our associated website , the Wood & Metal Plaque website. 

Gallery 33 - County and City Government Plaques. We show over 150 examples of County and City Government plaques, including mayor, city council, agencies, and municipal courts in photo Gallery 33.  Additional county, city, town & village  seal plaques are shown on our two (2) local government  plaque photo gallery pages on our associated website, the Wood & Metal Plaques  These pages are County Seals and City/Town/Village Seals and Logos (click on one of these links to visit that page).




Shown on the left is a photo of an outdoor plaque of the Seal of Monmouth County, New Jersey. mounted on the County Administration  building. This plaque is 8 ft in diameter, and is carved from High-Density-Urethane (HD) in 2.5-D multi-level relief . It has an internal steel tube frame which has brackets which attach the plaque to the building structure. This plaque is painted with long-lasting Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint and clear-coated twice for extra protection.



3-D Artist-Painted Plaque of a Sheriff's Badge

Gallery 33, page 2 - Police, Sheriff, and Fire Dept. Plaques . We show over 150 examples of wall plaques featuring badges, shoulder patches, logos and insignia for law enforcement, firefighters and other first responders in Gallery 33, page 2.  Additional police and sheriff  badge, shoulder patch and seal  plaques, are shown on our Police & Sheriff plaques (click to visit) photo gallery page on our associated website, the Wood & Metal Plaques. Additional fire department  and emergency services badge, shoulder patch and seal  plaques are shown on our Fire Department & Emergency Services plaques  (click to visit) photo gallery page on our associated website, the Wood & Metal Plaques  

Gallery 10, page 2 - Federal, State, County & Municipal Court Plaques . We show over over 100 examples of wall plaques featuring Seals  in Gallery 10, page 2.   Additional  Federal, State and County/Municipal court plaques are shown on our three  photo gallery pages for court plaques,  Federal Courts, State Courts, and County/Municipal Courts (click to visit),  on our associated website Wood & Metal Plaques.  

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