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Custom Carved 3-D, 2.5-D, Sandblasted & Engraved Dimensional Wood, HDU & Metal Signs & Plaques

Recent Signs We Have Designed and Fabricated

Examples of the Types and Styles of Signs & Plaques We Have Designed and Fabricated

Art Sign Works designs & fabricate FULLY CUSTOM carved, engraved & sandblasted wood, HDU, HDPE and bronze, brass and aluminum 3-D & 2.5-D multi-level signs & plaques and their supports for commercial, residential, government, and military customers at affordable prices.

3D Carved Entrance Sign to Tinker AFB Urban Greenway Park

  • We offer discounted factory-direct retail prices,  and wholesale prices to resellers.
  • These are made for exterior & interior locations, and last 10 to 30 yrs  with little maintenance, with a 2 yr warranty.
  • We make sizes from 6 inches to 20 feet wide, and you can order from 1 sign to 1000 signs. 
  • We have over 15,000 designs on this website, the largest on-line selection of any sign manufacturer; or we will create a new original design for you at no cost; or we can duplicate another sign or make an existing design.
  • We use only the very best premium materials, and fabricate them using the finest craftsmanship.
  • We make all our products in the USA from American materials, and  deliver anywhere in the USA, Canada, and many overseas locations.
  • We have  outstanding design and management customer service.  Christie,  Regina and Liz are very knowledgeable and helpful, and will assist you to select the best solution for your signage needs. One of them will be assigned as your Project Manager, and will work directly with you during the design, manufacturing and shipping process. They will provide status and resolve any issues with your order. 
  • We have good turn-around times; which depend on our workload. 
  • We are a "Green" company, and we use renewable, environmentally-friendly resources  and donate funds to plant trees for every wood sign we sell.

Please click on the short video above to see a brief summary of our sign and plaque products and the methods we use to design and make them. This video has sound so please turn on your speakers, but it also has text.

Carved 3-D HDU Pizza Factory Sign

HOW TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR . This is a large and extensive website, but we have tried to make  it easy to find what you want. All web pages can be viewed by clicking on a title in the gray navigation menu on the left side of the page.  If you are on a cell phone, click on the 3 red bars on the top right of your screen to see this gray navigation menu.  Use the scroll bar on the right side of the gray menu to scroll down and see all of the titles. You can also click on links on this website, indicated by a red underline, to go directly to another web page.

There are three main categories of web pages:(1) general information, ordering  and business pages  at the top of the gray navigation menu on the left; (2) descriptions of our 14 product lines (e.g., wood signs, HDU signs & plaques, 3-D signs, metal-plated signs, etc. ) and their photo galleries in the middle of the gray menu (scroll down to see these);  and (3) our 38 application photo galleries (e.g., lawyer signs, beach house  signs, farm signs, restaurant signs, apartment signs, etc.) at the bottom of the gray navigation menu (scroll down ).  Most users look for signs in the application galleries, because there  are 200 to 800 sign different designs of different product line types  in each of these photo  Galleries. To see a sample of  the variety of different style signs & plaques  we have made this year, please visit  our Recently Made Signs & Plaques  page. 

3D Carved Gold-Leaf Gilded Letters HDU Letters and Logo mounted on Marble Signboard

To find  a specific type of sign on this web site, you can  enter keywords (e.g., "Oak leaf address sign", or "sign with Skiier on it" , or "red wooden stop sign", or "lawyer directory sign") in the Google Search box at the top of the gray navigation box. and the search engine will give you examples of signs on this site, which you can click on to go to the referenced page. Please reference to the sign letter and number when inquiring about a sign design/size/price.

For our Retail prices, along with design options,  please see the Retail Prices & Design Options  page. We sell at factory-direct retail prices to individuals, residences, farms and ranches, professional offices, businesses, government, military, and other organizations, and we sell at wholesale prices to sign shops and other re-sellers with a resale license.

You can also download our 52 page catalog in PDF format, by clicking on the link "Art  Sign Works" Catalog  below this paragraph. This Catalog can be saved, printed, or viewed in a slide show mode by clicking on "View - Full Screen Mode" on the Adobe Reader tool bar. There are no prices listed in the Catalog, because price depends on size and every sign or plaque can be ordered in many different custom sizes and design variations. Call or email us for an exact price.

Carved Artist-Painted High-Density-Urethane (HDU) Sign


PLEASE EMAIL US. You can make an inquiry, ask for advice, ask a technical question or business question, request an estimate or place an order  for your custom sign or wall plaque through this website. Please email us at We have very friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives who will be happy to help you. These three representatives are also our Project Managers, so they are technical experts on our signs & plaques, and they know our business inside out. We welcome casual and information only inquiries, and we have a "No hassle, no-pressure" sales policy. We are  "The Friendly Sign-Makers". Call us or email us today to get more information or to get your sign design started!  

Our factory where we design and fabricate our signs and plaques

Most of the Designers and Craftsmen at Art Sign Works

 WIDE RANGE OF CUSTOM DESIGN STYLES & SUPERB CRAFTMANSHIP. We create beautiful, attractive and unique Three dimensional (3-D) carved and 2.5-D  sandblasted signs, with letters & art elevated (raised and bas-relief) or engraved (e.g., incised, bas-relief recessed, V-carved) into the sign. Our styles range from highly-stylized modern to classic to vintage and rustic. Our signs range from very simple, inexpensive sandblasted or routed text signs to more expensive signs with complex art, construction, and high-end materials.

We make our signs and plaque substrates from

(1) Wood , including Redwood, Cedar, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Oak and Teak

(2)  Synthetic  composites and thermoplastics (i.e., 20 lb/ft3  premium Precision Board Plus High-Density-Urethane (HDU), High-Density Color Core Polyethylene (HDPE),  Hard-Coated Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS), Reinforced Composite Plastic Wood,  and acrylic 

(3) Metals, including bronze, brass, and aluminum plated HDU;  gold, silver, and copper leaf gilded wood and HDU;   solid cast bronze and aluminum signs and plaques. and aluminum and steel flat plate signs.

3D Carved Great Seal of the United States, Gilded with 24K Gold Leaf



We use advanced computerized design, computer-controlled carving, routing and cutting, 3-D bas-relief carving, computer-controlled laser engraving and water jet cutting (for metal); hand-carving; multi-level sandblasting; polishing and burnishing; and cut-out and stand-off letters & art appliques to achieve 3-D effects. We make dimensional and carved plaques and signs which are then hand-painted with long-lasting automotive-grade UV-resistant enamels, and/or stained and clear-coated (wood only), and/or gold- or silver leaf gilded, and/or metal coated (bronze, brass, copper, silver-nickel, stainless steel, antique iron). We can also add a digitally-printed vinyl giclee applique for photos or detailed art onto a carved sign. We have a unique capability for combining various artistic techniques, manufacturing technologies, and materials into a single sign that will last for many years in any climate.

Fig 1 - Examples of Carved Signs & Plaques in our Fourteen Product Lines.

This figure shows examples of signs and plaques in our fourteen Product Lines. Click on the picture above to go to a web page with a more detailed description of the design features of each type of sign or plaque.

You can click on underlined text below to see the Gallery page for that Product line, shown in Fig. 1 above:

Product Line 1 - 2.5-D ( 2 1/2 Dimensional) and Engraved Carved , Sandblasted & Engraved HDU Signs & Plaques

Product Line 1A - Carved & Painted Faux Wood HDU Signs & Plaques 

Product Line 1B - Artist Painted Natural Scenes & Animals on HDU Signs

Product Line 2 - Carved Three Dimensional (3-D)  Bas-Relief HDU Signs & Plaques

Product Line 2A - Small 3-D Printed Sculptures, Statues, Plaques and Signs

Product Line 3 - Carved 2.5-D,  3-D  & Engraved, Sandblasted & Engraved  Wood Signs & Plaques

Product Line 3A - Individual Custom Carved Letters & Numbers

Product Line 4 - Aluminum & Wrought Iron Posts, Hangers, Scroll Brackets, and Sign Frames 

Product Line 4A - Wood Posts, Horizontal Beams, & Sign Supports

Product Line 5 - Very Large Post-and-Panel & Wall Signs

Product Line 6 - Monument & Large Entrance Signs 

Product Line 7 - 3-D, 2.5-D & Engraved Bronze, Brass & Aluminum-Plated HDU  Wall Plaques & Signs

Product Line 7A - Solid Cast, Precision Machined, and Photo-Etched Bronze, Brass and Aluminum Plaques

Product Line 8 - Flat Printed & Painted Aluminum Signs and Corten Weathering Steel Signs & Posts 

Product Line 9 -    Engraved Color-Core and Reinforced Plastic Wood HDPE Outdoor Signs


Fig 2 - Examples of Carved Wall and Podium Plaques

Above are a few of the over 1000 plaques we designed and manufactured this year. These include carved 3-D and 2.5-D Mahogany wood and bronze, brass, gold, silver-plated and artist-painted High-Density-Urethane. The wall plaques shown above were made for Federal and State government organizations, military units, police & sheriff departments, churches, and families. These range in size from 10 inches to 10 feet in diameter. To see over 2500 other wall plaque designs, please visit our Wood & Metal Plaque website (click on photo to go to that website).

Bronze-Plated Plaque of the Great Seal of California in a State Courtroom

OUR PRODUCTS. On this website you can view  over 15,000 photos of carved and dimensional HDU, wood, HDPE and metal  signs and plaques, for every style and  application, all methodically organized so you can find designs you like. Please visit some of our 45 photo Galleries by clicking on a numbered item in the  gray box in the  lower left margin (use the scroll bar to scroll down this menu), or enter your sign type in the Google search bar on the right side of the header above, to find the type of sign you are looking for. There is also a detailed listing of the contents of each Gallery on  our Galleries Overview page. We make many signs and plaques for every application. 

We also  have another major beautiful and extensive website featuring our wall & podium plaques, Wood & Metal Plaques  (click to visit).  If you are looking for a wall or podium plaque, you will find on this website a very broad selection of 5000 designs displayed in forty (40) photo galleries, a thorough description of various 3-D and 2.5-D artist-painted, metal and wood plaque styles,  and a specific price list to allow easy comparison shopping. However,  there are only a few  signs shown on the Wood & Metal Plaque website, only wall and podium plaques and seals, so if you are looking for signs, you are currently on the right website.


Carved and Artist-Painted Lake House Sign

Our premium custom hand-crafted dimensional signs & plaques are fabricated from the finest materials and are made using superb craftsmanship by skilled and highly talented artists and artisans, most with 5 to 15 years of experience building our signs. We design and manufacture over 9000 beautiful custom signs & plaques each year.

When we say Custom, we mean 100% CUSTOM. We will design your sign(s) or plaques(s) exactly to your preferences and requirements. We will build your sign / plaque with any shape, any size, any material, any text, any font, any artwork, any colors, and any finish that you specify, with as many design iterations as it takes (we send you multiple proofs, up to 5), so that your sign or plaque is exactly what YOU want. Our designers have lots of ideas, high creativity, and loads of patience, and will work with you to give you the sign or plaque you have dreamed of. You can start with any of the 15,000  sign & plaque designs on this website, or an entirely new design. We can also duplicate existing signs or designs; send us a picture or a photo and we will duplicate it with any modifications you want.

The US Great Seal plaque was the focal point of the the US Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE. This 8 ft diameter wall plaque was carved in 3-D bas-relief and was painted in metallic gold with the eagle symbol gilded in 24K gold-leaf

We offer the following custom products (for hundreds of examples, click on Photo Gallery Numbers  in the lower left margin in numbered gray boxes; use scroll bar to see these if necessary):

1.  Natural-Looking or Rustic  Large & Small Cedar & Redwood Signs & Plaques. Prime  kiln-dried 3-D , 2.5-D and engraved carved & sandblasted  wood (Western Red Cedar and California Redwood) outdoor & indoor signs( 6 inches to 20 ft wide)  & plaques with many different MinWax stains or paints  (see Gallery 3 for examples). You can also view hundreds more  Cedar  and Redwood plaques on our companion website,  the Wood & Metal Plaque Company.

2. Old-World-Crafted Hardwood Plaques & Signs Furniture-grade 3-D, 2.5-D carved and  engraved hardwood  (Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, etc.) plaques & signs with premium stains and clear-coats.(see Gallery 3 for examples) . These can have gold-leaf gilded engraved text and art. You can also view hundreds more hardwood plaques on our companion website,  the Wood & Metal Plaque Company.

3. Long-lasting Artist-Painted Carved Dimensional High-Density-Urethane Signs & Plaques.  Carved 3-D, 2.5-D, sandblasted, or engraved and hand-painted Premium-Grade HDU (High-Density-Urethane) signs & plaques (see  Gallery 1  for 2.5-D and engraved  and   Gallery 2   and Gallery 2A  for carved 3-D examples). We also make individual custom 2.5-D and 3-D letters and numbers that you can mount on a building wall, shown in Gallery 3A.  You can also view over five thousand  more 3-D and 2.5-D artist painted wall and podium plaques on our companion website,  the Wood & Metal Plaque Company

4. Elegant Metal and Metal-Plated  Plaques & Signs. Beautiful long-lasting metal (bronze, brass, copper, nickel-silver, and aluminum) coatings and veneers on 3-D and 2.5-D carved HDU Signs & Plaques, also solid cast bronze and aluminum plaques (see Gallery 7 for examples).  Our Gallery 2A shows small  3-D sculptures, statues  and full relief plaques that are plated with bronze, brass, aluminum and copper. You can also view hundreds more metal plaques on our companion website,  the Wood & Metal Plaque Company 

5. Exquisite Gold & Silver-Leaf Gilded Plaques & Signs. 24K gold, silver, and copper-leaf hand-crafted gilded wood & HDU signs & plaques (see Gallery 7 for examples). You can also view over 100 more gold and silver-leaf gilded plaques on the gold-leaf plaque page our companion website,  the Wood & Metal Plaque Compan

6. Rugged HDPE  Signs. Engraved Color Core High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Fiberglass Reinforced Composite Plastic Wood signs and posts (see Gallery 9 for examples)

7. Economical Flat (2-D)  Signs.  Aluminum, Dibond and Corten Weathering Steel signs (see Gallery 8 for examples)

8. Easy-to-install Integrated  EPS Monument Signs.  Integrated Hard-Coated Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam Monument Signs (see Gallery 6 for examples)

9. Steel, Wrought Iron & Aluminum Sign Posts, Brackets, & Supports. Wrought Iron,  Aluminum  Decorative Frames, Structural Support, Scroll Brackets, Posts, Bases and Finials (see Gallery 4 for examples)

10 Custom Decorative Wood Posts, Horizontal Beams , Sign Supports, and Decorative Sign Frames. (see Gallery 4A for examples)

2.5-D Carved HDU Beach House Sign

We sell both Factory-direct Retail and Wholesale. Our clients and end-users include businesses, professionals, apartments & condos, Federal, state and local governments & their  agencies, all military branches and units, non-profits, farms & ranches, and individual consumers for their primary & vacation homes.  All our products are made in the USA, and we ship throughout the USA, Canada and Overseas.

We have a great variety of  unique and beautiful designs (15,000 of them on this website),  or we will work with you to design a custom sign to your specifications. No design is too complex or too difficult in our areas of expertise. Our  expert  craftsmen and artisans provide the finest workmanship from modern stylistic to classic to vintage wood signs, and we are proud of every sign or plaque we make. We have a 2  year warranty on all our outdoor signs in any climate, but most will last decades.

Large Carved 2.5-D HDU Apartments Entrance Sign

SIGN PRICES. We give great value for your money. We offer factory direct-to-you retail and wholesale prices. We use the latest computer technology combined with old-world hand-craftsmanship to reduce our costs, passing cost savings on to you. Because of our high volume, we buy our materials at heavily discounted costs and have a very efficient and fully booked manufacturing operation. We price primarily by the area of the sign or plaque, but also by material, complexity and detail. HDU signs are generally less expensive than Cedar or Redwood signs. HDPE signs are about half the price of HDU signs. Our wood and HDU signs and plaques cost from 60% to 90% compared to those of similar signs from most other sign manufacturers, including on-line companies. Our wholesale prices to our network of over 250  sign shops and re-sellers considerably are lower than our retail prices.

3D Carved Plaques of the Seals of the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard

More information on sign retail prices, along with their design features, are described on the Prices & Design Options page.

We accept major credit cards, personal checks, and for Government organizations and some businesses, Purchase Orders (P.O's.)  We generally require 50% down before we go into production and the remainder the day  we ship, except for P.O.'s. We ship our products by UPS  and freight throughout the USA and Canada. We also ship selected orders to other countries overseas , including US military bases, and we ship to APO addresses. For Federal government and military orders, we are listed on SAM and have resellers on the GSA schedule.

Fig 3 - Examples of Carved Wood & High-Density-Urethane Commercial Signs

You can view over 5000 carved commercial signs on this site in Galleries 10-12,and 24-29.. These include Corporate, Attorney, Physician, Dentist, Financial, Retail Store, Restaurant, Golf Course, Winery, Resorts, Hotels, and Apartment signs & plaques. Click on photo to see more commercial monument signs in Gallery 28.

Fig. 4 - Examples of Residence, Estate, Vacation Home and Farm Property Name Signs

You can view over 2000 signs and plaques for homes, estates, beach houses, mountain cabins, lake cottages, and farms and ranches on this site in Galleries 18, 20, 21, and 23. Click on photo to see more signs in Gallery 18.

Fig. 5 - Examples of Apartment and Condominium Signs

You can view over 900 carved wood & HDU apartment and condominium signs of all types and styles in Galleries 19 and 19A on this site. We make entrance, building name, unit number, way finding, rule, recreational, parking, traffic and map signs.Click on photo to see more apartment entrance signs in Gallery 19.

If you spend a few minutes visiting the relevant Galleries, you may find custom outdoor wooden sign and indoor wall plaque designs you will like, or we will work closely with you to create a new custom design. We can also duplicate existing signs; please send us a photo or drawing. We design and make our signs & plaques for residences,farms & ranches,  professional offices, companies, stores, businesses, churches, federal/state/county/city governments, and the military services.   We specialize in designing and building custom vintage and outdoor wooden & HDU signs.

For our most popular individual residential and property name signs, please visit  Gallery 18- residential address and property name signs, Gallery 20- seashore/beach signs,  Gallery 21 - lake/mountain signs, or  Gallery 23 - ranch & farm signs. A few examples of these are shown in Fig. 3 above right. A few examples of apartment and condominium signs are shown in Fig 4 on the right.


Fig. 6 - Examples of Military and Federal, State and City Government, and Courtroom Seal Wall Plaques

We make wall and podium plaques from 8 inches to 10 ft in diameter for Seals, Crests, and Badges forthe Federal, State , County and City Governments; Courts; all 5 military Services; Universities, Schools, Corporations, clubs and family Coat-of-Arms

If you are a Federal, State, City/Village/County government or military customer, please click on Government Signs & Plaques for an index of our carved wood and metal-coated 3-D wall plaques and signs designed for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard; Federal, state & city/county governments; and police, sheriffs and firefighters, shown in Galleries 30 through 33. Figure 5 on the right shows examples of these beautiful wall plaques, which we make in diameters from 10 inches to 5 feet. We also make wall plaques for colleges, schools, fraternities & sororities, companies, and clubs.

Carved 3-D HDU Home Address Sign with Roses as Artwork

WE CAN DESIGN AND MAKE ALMOST ANY WOOD OR HDU SIGN OR PLAQUE. We can modify any design shown in the Galleries, replicate an existing sign from a photo, develop a completely new custom design for you, work collaboratively  with you to develop your own design, or  build-to-print an already completed design done by another firm. We offer a very wide range of styles including formal, ornate, elegant, bold, commercial, stylized, whimsical, and rustic/western. Much of our business is one or few of a kind signs or plaques for residences and businesses, but we also do large production jobs, up to  a thousand  similar signs or plaques for apartments, residential communities, hotels, golf courses and retail chains, and we sell our products wholesale to over 800 sign retailers, including sign shops, designers, contractors, and brokers (see Wholesale to Sign Retailers).

3D Carved Tavern Sign


OUR SIGNS HAVE LONG LIFE & MINIMAL MAINTENANCE.  We use the very best materials and manufacturing processes to create signs which have a very long life (20+ years for HDU Signs) and require very little maintenance. We provide a warranty of 2 years, and we expect our HDU and indoor wood signs to last for several decades.

 We carve our HDU signs and plaques out of premium ultra High-Density-Urethane (HDU) Precision Board Plus sheets  made by Coastal Enterprises, in Orange, CA. We use 20 lb/ft3 HDU for all our signs & plaques, which is 30% denser and stronger than the 15 lb/ft3 HDU used by other sign manufacturing companies. Our signs carve cleaner, last longer, and are less susceptible to impact damage than HDU signs made by other companies.

We use prime, kiln-dried, knot-free, vertical grain all-heart Redwood, Cedar, and Mahogany that are supplied by Forest Plywood and Wood Products.

We use exclusively Ultra Low VOC  Matthews automotive-type 2-part polyurethane acrylic paint and clear-coats ,  which  are UV and graffitti resistance, so there is very little fading when the sign is exposed to direct sunlight, and graffiti can usually be cleaned off with acetone. Matthews paints cost $200/gallon, compared to house paints which cost $30/gallon that most other sign companies use. Matthews MAP will last  20 years or more before repainting.We use 1-Shot Low  VOC Oil-Based High Gloss Lettering Enamels for text and artwork. 1Shot is simply the best (and most expensive) lettering enamel in the world. It costs $250/gallon.

3D Carved sign for a Pub or Home Bar




 We are a "green" company. Our domestic and imported wood signs are "Green". We only use wood from renewable forests that use environmentally sound practices. For every wood sign we sell, we donate  money to  Arbor Day Foundation to plant two to five  trees, depending on the size of the sign, .to support important tree planting efforts around the globe. .

Our  Precision Board Plus HDU is made out of special eco-friendly components, including state-of-the-art ‘green urethane’ formulations. The new Plus formulation has achieved a certified “Carbon Balance” of 3 to 1 and a “Rapidly Renewable resource Content” of 23.9%.

England's Royal Coat-of-Arms, Carved in 3D Bas-Relief and Artist Painted



We use environmentally friendly stains, primers, topcoats and clear-coats. The Minwax stains we use are Low VOC. Matthews Ultra Low VOC polyurethane acrylic paints and clear-coats limit VOC to less than 50 g/L while providing greater durability, gloss retention and hiding than standard acrylic polyurethane paints provide. We also use a Low VOC version of 1-Shot sign enamel for painting text, borders and artwork. 

All our manufacturing and painting processes are Green, with minimal air pollution, because our dust collectors, paint spray booths, and fully-enclosed and recyclable sandblast booths cause very low air pollution and carbon emissions.

  • WOW!! I cannot recommend Art Sign works enough. not only was their final product amazing, but I worked directly with Christie and she is the gold standard of professionalism and customer service. I can't thank Art Sign Works enough! YELP Reviewer

Your design concept is our inspiration.

Let us combine our carving and painting craftsmanship with our outstanding customer service to take your project from concept to delivery. We will deliver the sign or plaque you want on budget and on time.

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