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Product Line 4 - Standard & Custom Posts, Scroll Brackets, & Sign Frames

Wrought Iron Posts and Scroll Bracket

Examples of Wrought Iron and Aluminum Posts and Scroll Bracket

Shown above are examples of round and square wrought iron, aluminum and wood posts , scroll brackets, and beams. Posts can have a variety of bases and finials.

Welcome to  Product Line  4 showing examples of wrought iron sign scroll brackets, hangers, posts, bases, finials and stands. If you have just entered our website  and you want  an overview of  our company and all our sign & plaque products, please start with  our Home page (dark gray tab upper left).
We offer both standard and custom wrought iron and aluminum sign horizontal supports (hangers), scroll brackets, posts, bases, finials, sign stands and sign frames which interface with signs and plaques in our other Product Lines, for no-hassle sign installations.

These hardware fixtures are custom fitted to each of the sign shapes and sizes we offer, if you order the hanger or stand at the same time as you do the sign. The 3 and 4 in diameter aluminum and steel posts require holes in the ground poured with concrete or filled with rocks. Art SignWorks will drill holes,adjust  chain lengths, build fasteners, etc. to fit your sign's size, shape, and thickness. these products may be ordered with one of our signs.

We offer the following hardware:                                

  1. Wrought iron (steel) Scroll Brackets, from simple to decorative (cast aluminum sculptures) , up to 48" wide, to be mounted on the side of a building,or mounted on a square or round post above (or alternatively 4" x 4" in wood posts) for decorative blade signs (usually double-faced). These brackets can be used for over-the-sidewalk signs, driveway entrance signs, street signs, etc. (top of page, beginning with M4000)
  2. Overhead reverse scroll brackets, to be mounted between two posts and the sign hung underneath, works well with curved top signs such as ovals. (top of page, beginning with M4200).   
  3. Round and square steel and aluminum posts, bases, and  finials. 1 ", 2", or 3 " wide, up to 12 ft long aluminum posts , 3 " diameter posts, black with wide selection of decorative bases (up to 11 " diameter) and a wide selection of decorative finials. (middle of page, beginning with M4300).
  4. Double-post side-tab sign supports with arched or straight scroll beams and four side tabs (no chains) for large and medium size decorative or horizontal signs (single or double-faced) . (middle of page, beginning with M4400).                                                                           
  5. Custom wall-bracket projecting scroll brackets with both straight and curved bottoms, for decorative blade signs (usually double-faced), for businesses who need an over-the-sidewalk sign or to attach to a single 4 x 4 wood post(near bottom of page, beginning with M4500).
  6. Specialized custom wrought iron sign frames,side brackets, back plates,  and structural supports. These are fitted to  our signs and must be made the same time as the sign because of the tight tolerances (see M7212 to M7216)(bottom of page, beginning with M4600).

We offer both standard and fully custom in-house products when specialized, completely custom wrought iron frames, hangers or posts are needed. We have a fully equipped metal shop,including cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing and coating). We  make custom steel and aluminum sign frames ( rectangular. elliptical, circular, and ornate shapes) complete with eye hooks or other , side brackets, aluminum back plates, side bars for easy installation to posts, and internal and backside steel and aluminum horizontal and vertical reinforcement bars and structural supports. These are fitted and installed on signs before shipping.

PRICES. Prices vary depending on size and design, but typical smaller scroll brackets have prices from $50 to $150, depending on size and complexity. Very large scroll brackets have prices up to $600 (6 ft wide very heavy duty bracket). Steel  and aluminum posts have prices that range from $135 to $245 each, depending on diameter and height. . Decorative metal  finials (piece on tops of metal posts)  have prices from $50 to $60 each, and decorative metal bases have prices from $195 to $550. A post does not need a base to support it; these are for decoration only and do not carry a load.  Aluminum posts and brackets have 10 to 20% higher prices than wrought iron, because of higher material and labor costs, but they  will last longer, because they will not rust.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please call or email us for a price quote or information on a specific post or bracket. We will work with you to design and build the exact hardware, including a sign, that you want. Our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives will respond to your request promptly. Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at Or, you can fill out and submit our on-line Request an Estimate Form.