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Product Line Descriptions

Signs, Plaque, and Wrought Iron Products

Examples of Art Sign Work's Seven Product Lines

Welcome!! On this website you can view  over 12,000 designs of carved wood and HDU signs and plaques, one of the largest collection of carved signs & plaques  anywhere in the world, for every style and  application. 

This page provides an overview of the various types and materials of the signs & plaques within each of our seven Product Lines and their approximate prices. Click on the photos with underlined Product Line titles below to go to that Product gallery page. Examples of these various products are also distributed throughout the Application photo gallery pages, as discussed in the paragraph below. 

We have also organized the photos in 36 Application Galleries (e.g. farm signs, lawyer signs, beach house signs, store signs, military crest plaques, etc.), in Galleries 10 through 35. An overview of these Application Galleries is provide on our Sign Photo Galleries Overview page.  These photo Galleries are also listed by application in the numbered titles in the navigation box on the left (scroll down to see these).  You can also search for a specific type of sign type of sign, such as "Oak leaf address sign", or "sign with Skier on it" , or "red wooden stop sign", or "lawyer directory sign"  by entering these key words in the box on the top  of the gray navigation box on the left. If you are on a cell phone, click on the three red bars on the top left of your screen to see this gray navigation menu. 

The pictures and text below provide more detail on each of Art Sign Work's seven Product Lines. Click on a picture for a Product Line to go to a separate page with a more extensive description and many examples of signs or plaques in that Product Line.

Product Line 1 - Carved Multi-Level , Engraved &  Sandblasted 2.5-D Signs & Plaques

These are our most popular signs; inexpensive, simple, attractive, eye-catching, long-lasting with low maintenance. We offer a wide variety of sign shapes, sizes, font styles, and art icons for our completely custom  2.5-D  relief (i.e., multi-level raised relief, where each level is flat rather than curved such as 3-D carving)  HDU signs and plaques. These signs are weather and moisture resistant, have a warranty of 2 years, and will easily last at least 20 years with minimal  maintenance. We perform multi-level raised text and art routing for the same price as single-level raised text routing. Engraved text,  border and artwork routing (V-carved or U-carved with a flat bottom) , where the front surface of the sign  is smooth, has a price about 10% less than raised text and art routing.

Letters and art can be raised and/or engraved, with backgrounds smooth, sandstone texture, simulated wood grain, or leatherette (the latter three by sandblasting). All our signs are first carved with our CNC router, because it provides crisper, more accurate carving than sandblasting, and is much more versatile. signs and plaques can have rounded edges, multiple borders, one or more art pieces , and multiple lines of text in the font styles of your choice, at the same low price. 

The price depends primarily on sign size , and is roughly proportional to area (max width x max length). this, a 2 ft x 2 ft sign (area = 4 ft2) costs 4 times as much as a 1 ft x 1 ft sign (area = 1 ft2). Double side signs cost 40% to 50% more than single-sided signs. These carved  High-Density-Urethane (HDU) are typically 1.5 inches to 2 inches thick. After carving the sign, the HDU is coated with a special HDU primer  After background and trim paint is applied, the entire sign or plaque is sprayed with 2 clear coats.  


 Product Line 2 - Carved 3-D Bas-Relief Artist-Painted HDU Signs & Plaques

These signs & plaques have premium 3-D bas-relief sculptured carved art and sometimes beveled or V-cut text , in contrast to regular sandblasted HDU signs which have 2.5-D art and text (flat but usually raised above the background or engraved into the background, sometimes referred to as multi-level  flat relief). Our premium 3D signs and plaques are suitable for the courts, Federal ad State government organizations,  estates, businesses, and organizations where an dramatic and detailed sign will will attract attention while giving the impression of quality and elegance.

 The artwork is more elaborate and may depict a scene rather than a single object. The artwork will be first be CNC routed to give a  bas-relief sculptured look, and for some signs, specific areas will be sandblasted. It may then be  hand-carved (for some signs), hand-sanded, and hand-painted with artist brushes using sign enamels. We can also apply 24 K gold, aluminum or copper leaf to gild letters, borders or art., or we can antique some or all of the sign or plaque. We can also make V-cut or prismatic engraved letters or beveled or rounded raised letters. Text can be outlined and multiple borders added, which can be 3 D ( e.g., flourishes or rope pattern). We can work from a computer file, a photo, a sketch which you supply, or we can create a new design for you. Also included in this category are cut-out letters of art appliques (usually made from HDU) mounted on a HDU substrate. These type of signs can range from the fairly simple to complex and elaborate.

Product Line 3 - Carved 3-D, 2.5-D, Engraved and Sandblasted Wood (Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Cherry)  Signs & Plaques 

Art Sign Works makes beautiful classical and rustic carved  engraved, 2.5-D, and   3-D  carved wood signs and wall plaques. Most of our wood signs and wall plaques are made from California Redwood or Western Red Cedar, but for our Wall Plaques and smaller signs we also use fine furniture-grade hardwoods such as  Mahogany, Black Walnut, White  Oak, American Cherry,  and Maple.

We offer the same shapes, sizes and artwork choices as for High Density Urethane (HDU) signs. Many people prefer the natural beauty of stained and varnished wood instead of the enameled paint finish of HDU, even though more maintenance is required for outdoor wood signs than HDU signs and their longevity is not as long and their maintenance us higher  in an outdoor environment. We recommend our wood signs only if you want a natural or rustic finish or you sign or plaque will be protected from rain, snow, and the sun. If you want an all-painted sign, we recommend HDU instead. Of course, we can paint our wood signs as well as finish them naturally. We use only the finest grades of clear all-heart vertical-grain kiln dried Redwood  and prime grade Western Red Cedar for our wood signs which we get from a specialty lumber supplier or direct from a sawmill in Idaho (for Cedar). These premium grades of wood has very few  knots or defects. We also use reclaimed 100 yr old barn-wood when an antique or aged look is required.

 Wood signs can be simple sandblasted or routed signs, or can be elaborate 3-D carved signs (like Product Line 2, except made from wood instead of HDU). They can look very rustic or can be made of fine woods (e.g., mahogany, walnut  or cherry) and finished like expensive furniture. We can make elaborate 3-D carvings as appliques or carved into the wood substrate, with stains and lacquer coats showing the natural beauty of the wood. We also make many "hybrid" wood / HDU signs, with carved and painted 3-D HDU mounted as an applique on a natural wood signboard. We also make aluminum,  iron or wood sign holders, stands and frames for these signs.

Product Line 4 -  Steel, Wrought Iron & Aluminum Sign Posts, Scroll Brackets, Supports  & Sign Frames

In this Product Line 4 we offer unique and exquisite hand-crafted custom steel. wrought iron and aluminum scroll brackets, hangers, posts and sign stands which interface with signs and plaques in our other Product Lines, for no-hassle sign installations. These can be  custom-fitted to each of the sign shapes and sizes we offer, if you order the scroll bracket, post  or stand at the same time as you do the sign. We offer a wide selection of top-quality standard  wrought iron and aluminum hardware plus many custom wrought iron products we make in-house. These supports, brackets  fixtures enable you to install your sign with minimum effort. All holes, chain lengths, etc. are already place correctly and adjusted to fit your sign's size, shape, and thickness. All of these products that are designed for outdoor use are either  powder coated or coated with a special corrosive-protection primer, and then painted with two coats of Matthews  metal enamels in your choice of six colors (in-house products). All of these wrought iron products may be ordered with or without a sign.  


Product Line 5 - Large Wood, HDU, HDPE & Aluminum  Signs

We design, build and install custom large  redwood, cedar, HDU, aluminum, Color-Core HDPE, Aluminum,  and DIBOND ,signs on a custom basis . We have a complete integrated in-house capability for computer graphics design, vinyl mask and stencil cutting, sandblasting, precision sawing, power sanding, CNC  routing, hand-carving and hand-sanding, gold leaf gilding, and airbrush and detailed artist brush painting.

 We specialize in all types of dimensional signs, with a variety of advanced design features such as carved and vinyl decal art and text appliques, sandblasted or routed incised (i.e., engraved ) letters and art, sandblasted backgrounds with and without grain patterns, bas-relief multi-layer sandblasted/hand-carved/or CNC routed and hand-painted  Carved Art and high-relief HDU sculpture appliques which are hand-carved and hand-sanded. We paint our signs with the finest enamel paints (1-SHOT) or Matthews polyurethane  acrylic (2 part automotive-type paint), or stains and varnishes (wood only). We can metal coat (bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, or aluminum) all or part of a large sign.  We can also gild applique or incised letters or art with 24 K gold, fine silver, or copper  leaf.

 We can either provide the sign for you to install on your own support structure, or we can build the sign support structure ). We design and build support structures from  Redwood, Cedar, Douglas Fir, steel, and aluminum.There are discounts for three or more identical or similar  signs.


Product Line 6 - Monument & Large Entrance Signs

We sell  three types of monument or entrance signs, which are large, freestanding roadside or entrance signs mounted near the ground. These are  as follows:
    (A) Post & Panel.These signs are supported by wood or wrought iron (steel posts), sometimes with lateral bottom or back beams. Posts typically vary from 4 inches in width (4 x 4's) to as much as 12 inches in width.The sign itself (the panel) is usually 2.5-D or 3-D sandblasted or carved HDU or wood, described in Product Line 5. Less expensive ones have 2-D aluminum,  MDO or  PVC-foam  signs mounted on them. Wrought iron supports can have scrolls on them.
   (B) Masonry Monument Signs. These usually have masonry bases, often with side pillars, which can be made with a poured concrete/rebar, concrete block or brick core (sometimes large ones have a hollow wood frame core) mounted on a concrete slab or footer foundation, and faced with one of the following: molded concrete, real stone, brick, stucco, marble, or ceramic tile, .  We do not build these masonry monument  bases, but we do build HDU, wood or metal-plated signs or letters that are mounted on them.
   (C) EPS Foam Monuments. These have the same appearance as solid concrete monument signs ((B) above) but are less expensive and are much faster and  easier to install. A variety of exterior surfaces is available, including faux stone, brick, stucco and marble. They have a hard protective coating over an EPS foam interior and are rugged and durable, and will last for decades. Like (B), they can have a variety of sign faces, including sandblasted or carved HDU, wood, or ceramic tile, and can also have stand-off letters installed on the sign face. The integrated assembly is ready for simple installation (only takes 2 or 3 hours)  by the buyer or a handyman contractor; however, we can arrange a contractor to install these signs at locations in the US

Product Line 7 - Metal & Metal-Plated (Bronze, Brass, Copper,  Aluminum,  Gold  & Silver) Plaques & Signs

We make both metal (wrought iron and aluminum) and metal-plated  signs and plaques of various types (bronze, brass, copper, steel, iron, silver-nickel, aluminum, gold, silver)  which cover a substrate manufactured from high-density-urethane (HDU), wood, plastic, or metal. 

Our bronze, brass and nickel-silver metal-plated plaques are most popular, and are alternatives to cast bronze or brass, or fully painted or stained wood plaques and signs. These wall plaques can have  either raised and sculptured 3-D carved bas-relief  art (similar to Product Line 2), beveled or V-cut engraved  text , or   2.5-D raised art and text, sometimes called multi-level  flat raised relief (similar to Product Line 1) . These metal-plated  signs and plaques, particularly the bronze and brass plaques,  are suitable for both outside and inside use for memorials, dedications,  monuments, government and public buildings, museums, historical buildings,  informational displays, and great seals or logos on the walls of  government buildings . Smaller versions are  suitable for walls in lobbies, offices, conference rooms, and podiums.

These metal-coated plaques are roughly 1/3 to 1/5  the cost of cast bronze or brass plaques,  look very similar, and last 30 years or more. They cannot be walked on, however, or frequently touched because the metal plating may wear over many years. . Also included in this category are metal-coated cut-out letters of art appliques (usually made from HDU) mounted on a HDU substrate.
We also make gold-, silver-, and copper-leaf gilded plaques and signs, and cut-out and/or sand-blasted solid wrought iron and aluminum sign . Solid aluminum and wrought iron cut-out plaques are generally least expensive,  with lower prices  than Product Line 1; 3-D metal-plated  plaques have prices about nearly twice that of Product Line 1, and fully covered gold-leaf and silver-leafed plaques are the most expensive. We usually cover only a small fraction of the plaque with gold or silver leaf (such as V-carved text or a 3-D art applique); these  have much lower prices than fully gilded plaques.

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