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Gallery 35 - Club, Church, Company & Sports Plaques

Carved Wood & HDU Plaques for Civic, Fraternal , Social & Activity Clubs, Churches, Corporations, Companies, and Sports Teams

Carved Wall Plaques for Clubs, Companies and Sport Teams

We design and build a wide variety of carved 2.5-D, 3-D, and engraved relief wall plaques for fraternal and service clubs, corporations, sports teams, and churches of all types.

Welcome to our photo gallery of our custom and personalized carved wood, artist-painted High-Density-Urethane, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Gold and Silver wall plaques for civic, social, and fraternal organizations & clubs; churches & religious organizations; corporations & companies,  and professional and amateur sports teams of all types. These can be used for identification (e.g. outside on a building wall, or inside in a reception area, lobby, hallway, auditorium, gymnasium, conference room, office or on a podium). They can also be used for personal or organizational achievement, graduation, award, recognition, service, or retirement plaques, since personalized text can be added to any plaque.

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On this page we have examples of our wide selection of custom carved wood , HDU and metal-coated wall plaques featuring the crests/logos/emblems for clubs, churches, corporations, and professional, college and high school sports teams and individuals.  

We have included on this page only a small sample of the plaques we can make because of copyright laws. However, we can duplicate and enhance any logo, seal, crest, badge, emblem, coat-of-arms or insignia, if we are provided a photo, a drawing, or a sketch of it (we can also get many of these off the internet). We can take any image and then design and make it into a custom carved 3-D or 2.5-D wood or High-Density-Urethane (HDU) plaque, and carve into the plaque the organization's name and/or individual recipient's name, date and citation.

Our custom 2.5-D designs have multiple layers , each of which is flat but is raised at a different level of relief. These are about 40% less expensive than 3-D custom designs, which are rounded bas-relief (continuous curvature like a sculpture). For smaller plaques, or very intricate detailed artwork, we may use a laser engraver or make  a digitally printed full-color applique for some or all of the art. This can be applied over a 2.5-D raised flat surface; the rest of the plaque, including borders and text, will be carved and artist -painted. For large plaques (16 to 120 inches in diameter), or for simpler, less detailed or stylized art for smaller plaques, we  carve the art in either 2.5-D or 3-D relief and artist-brush paint it.

We also  have another major website featuring  clubs and service organizations, corporation,  and sports  plaques , for our Wood & Metal Plaques (click to visit). That website has 3 times as many more plaques displayed than this website does, and provides more information.  On that extensive website, you will find a very broad selection of designs, a thorough description of various styles,  and a specific price list that enables price comparison between various styles of plaques. Veteran's , civic service,  fraternal /service, activity, conservation, and youth clubs  seal , emblem and logo plaques, and  their specific prices, are shown on  the Club Plaques web page (click on link to visit that page). Plaques featuring corporate and company logos, seals and emblems and  their specific prices are shown on the Corporate Plaques  photo gallery web page. Sports team and individual athlete logo, championship and award plaques are shown on the Sports Plaques web page.  Memorials are shown on the Memorial Plaques page.  


We make Custom Plaque and Signs of Logos of any Sports Team

CONTENTS OF THIS PHOTO GALLERY 35. The wall plaques are listed in the following order on this page, top to bottom:

  1.  Styles and Color Selections (top of page, beginning at Figure 35001)
  2.  Fraternal, Social, Civic, Charitable & Service clubs (top of page, beginning at Figure 35100) 
  3.  Corporations, Companies, and Businesses (middle of page, beginning at Figure 35300) 
  4.  Professional, College and High School Sports Teams (near bottom of page, beginning at Figure 35500) 
  5. Perpetual Name Plaques (bottom of page, beginning at Figure 35800) 

PRICES.  We have affordable  prices for our high-quality  High-Density-Urethane (HDU), wood, metal-plated,  and acrylic plaques. Our custom designed smaller 2.5-D carved HDU wall and podium plaques,  10 inches to 18 inches diameter, have retail prices that range from $170 to $500. Medium size  2.5-D carved HDU wall plaques , from 18 inches to 24 inches diameter , have retail prices from $400  to $650.  Large 2.5-D carved HDU wall plaques , from 24 inches to 48 inches diameter,  have retail prices from $550  to $1800. Carved 3-D bas-relief, wood and metal-plated plaques have higher prices, and engraved, acrylic, and Sintra board giclee printed 2-D (flat)  plaques  have lower prices.  Our  prices depend  on material type, plaque diameter, type of carved relief (3-D vs 2.5-D vs 2-D flat), number of paint colors, details  of artist-painting, and any special features (e.g., steel reinforcements and frames, overlays, gold leaf, etc.). These prices  do not include mounting hardware, which we also sell . More detailed information on plaque retail prices are provide in Table 1 on our Wall and Podium Plaques  page, and also on our Wood & Metal Plaques website.  Please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for quotes for your specific plaque or sign  project.  

PLEASE CONTACT US. Please call or email us for a price quote on a specific sign or plaque. We will work with you to design and build the exact one you want. One of our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives, Christie, Regina, or Liz, will respond to your request promptly. Call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at, or you can fill out and submit our on-line Request an Estimate Form.

We would like to make your custom sign or plaque, and we are confident that you will be pleased with it. We take great pride in every product we make for our valued clients. We offer a 2 year warranty on all our products in any climate. Please contact us today so we can get your sign or plaque design initiated.

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Other photo Galleries , and  our prices, contact, quote forms, etc. , including our Home page,  can be visited by clicking on a title in the gray navigation menu in the left margin of this page (scroll down to see galleries).  If you are on a cell phone, click on the 3 red bars on the top right of your screen to see this gray navigation menu. 


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