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Wholesale Dimensional & Carved HDU & Wood Signs & Plaques for Retailers and Resellers

Art Sign Works is  professional, high-quality carved or dimensional HDU , wood & metal sign and  plaque manufacturer with competitive prices who will

  • Support you in the design phase with detailed proofs,
  • Supply you with the longest-lasting, highest quality products with a 2 year warranty,
  • Provide with proofs, and give you  visibility of the status of your project  with photos and emails during the manufacturing process, 
  • Meet your schedule 

Art Sign Works, Inc.  designs, manufactures, and sells  premier High-Density-Urethane (HDU),  wood , HDPE, aluminum, Corten weathering  steel  and metal-plated (bronze, brass,  aluminum)  signs & wall plaques and their posts and installation hardware at low wholesale prices to sign retailers and other resellers (sign shops, design studios, sign integrators, installers, and general contractors).  We deliver over 6000 carved HDU and wood signs and plaques at wholesale prices each year to over 850 resellers throughout the US, Canada and overseas.  These vary in size from 6 inches to 25 ft wide. We are a preferred carved HDU and wood sign supplier to Signs by Tomorrow (SBT), Signarama, Fastsigns, and Sign World stores, as well as hundreds of independent sign shops , trophy shops, distributors, and general contractors.


We design and make 3-D bas-relief, 2.5-D multi-level raised relief, engraved and layered signs and plaques out of 20 lb/ft3 Coastal Enterprises HDU using Matthews and 1-Shot paints; premium Mahogany, Cedar, Redwood, Maple and Oak woods; bronze, brass and aluminum-plated HDU; and Color-Core HDPE, plastic wood, aluminum, Alumalite/Dibond, and acrylic signs & plaques. We also make Corten weathering steel,   aluminum,  Cedar, Redwood and plastic wood (HDPE) posts and horizontal beams, and custom scroll brackets and hangers from wrought iron and aluminum. We have a full-capability metal shop, and can water-jet cut, weld, grind, powder coat, spray paint and powder-coat signs and supports made of aluminum, wrought iron  and Corten steel. 

We have 21  experienced and skilled designers and  craftsmen who utilize 6 large-table  CNC routers, a large sandblast booth and a dual-station paint spray booth in an efficient 14,000 square foot factory. We have been in business 16 years, have over 18,000 satisfied customers, and have  a A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating  and 5 star Google and Yelp ratings.

The retail prices of signs are shown on our webpage "Retail Prices and Design Options"   (click on this link) or the  page title in the gray title  in the left margin. Our wholesale prices are substantially lower than the prices on this page.  You can call us at 951-698-8484 or EMAIL us at for quotes or more information on prices,  or you can request our WHOLESALE PRICE LIST, which we will email to you in PDF format.

    We Make Engraved,  2.5-D & 3-D HDU, Wood , HDPE , Aluminum, Steel ,  Bronze & Brass-Plated Signs & Plaques, and Custom Aluminum , Steel & Wood Posts , Brackets, and Sign Supports

Art Sign Works is a specialized custom wood and High Density Urethane (HDU) sign manufacturing company located in Southern California. We make CNC routed, sandblasted and hand-carved and cut-out appliqued 2.5-D, 3-D (three-dimensional), and engraved (incised) signs, from simple single-level sandblasted signs to high-end 3-D complex carved signs with sculptures.

We presently have a very successful  national internet factory-direct retail business, and are currently expanding our wholesale business to more sign shops, sign retailers, brokers, and sign design studios in the US and Canada who do not have the in-house capability of manufacturing wood and HDU signs, or are dissatisfied with their present supplier.



Although we primarily sell finished signs & plaques (painted or naturally finished), we also sell unfinished signs (we carve, you paint or stain and clear coat ) at wholesale prices to retailers. We  sell both custom and standard wood and wrought iron aluminum sign posts, bases, finials, scroll brackets, hangers, frames, with hardware attachments, to make it easy for you to install the signs. Our complete signs come as an easy to assemble kit, with all fasteners and instruction sheet.

Concerned about shipping costs? Don't, because we buy all our heavy sign materials (HDU, wood, paint) locally and therefore do not have to pay shipping costs  that other manufacturers in the Midwest or East Coast do.  Our lower prices  compensate for possibly higher shipping costs. We ship by UPS Ground or  freight for large signs, up to 25 ft wide and 10 feet high.


We Make Signs & Plaques for a Wide Variety Of Customer Groups and Applications

Our Products and Services

We make dimensional signs & plaques for a wide variety of applications  and end users, as shown in the figure above. Over 12,000 examples of these can be viewed on our 45 Galleries listed in the gray navigation menu on the lower  left.  Sizes range from 6 inches to  25 feet. We use the finest materials available to make our signs and plaques. We use 20 lb/ft3 and 30 lb/ft3 Precision Board HDU for our signs and plaques, depending in the application. We have evolved from 15 lb/ft3 HDU (which nearly all other sign manufacturers use), to improve our precision on fine details, to provide additional strength, and to increase lifetime. All of our High-Density-Urethane (HDU) signs have a special primer put on the entire sign before painting. We use two part Matthews acrylic polyurethane paint (MAP) (an automotive grade paint) and 1-Shot Sign enamels for color, and all signs receive 2 coats of Matthews acrylic polyurethane for extra protection from UV and graffiti.

We use California Redwood (clear heart A grade) or premium Western Red Cedar panels that use edge glued strips under high pressure hydraulic machines.  We also make African Mahogany, Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, and White Oak plaques and signs using furniture grade hardwood. For very large orders of multiple signs or large signs (over 50ft2 total signage area), there are substantial discounts . Call us for competitive pricing. These are among the lowest prices offered in the US.


We offer both basic and advanced artistic capabilities that most discount sandblast sign manufacturers do not have, such as:

  • Outstanding customer service and personal project management. Your project  will be assigned a  Project Manager and customer representative (Christie, Regina, Liz or Kevin) to work directly with you throughout the quoting, design, production, shipping, installation and warranty  phases  to make sure your requirements are met, that you know the status of the sign you have ordered, and you are satisfied with the products delivered to you. 
  • Developing or enhancing your sign designs if it is not supplied. You do NOT have to provide cut-ready vector files (e.g., Illustrator or EPS); however, we will "Build-to-print" if you do supply them. We will work with you with no design fee to develop your sign or plaque's  design if you do not have one already. 
  • Carving 3-D art and letters with our six large table (up to 12 x 5 ft) CNC routers. We have a huge library of existing design files we have developed over the last 16 years which we use to carve intricate and beautiful 3-D bas-relief sculptures we can put on signs (See Product Line 2)
  •  CNC router or hand-carved custom 3-D sculpture appliques (see Product Line 2)
  • V-carved and beveled/rounded raised letters of any font style
  • Gold, silver and copper-leaf hand-gilded letters, artwork, borders and backgrounds (see Product Line 7)
  • Bronze, brass, copper, silver-nickel, and  aluminum-plated coatings  on any 2.5-D or 3-D carved HDU sign. These can have darkened patina or verdi coatings , or bright hi-polish finishes (see Product Line 7)
  • Textured and wood grain backgrounds with complex carvings (using the CNC routers or sandblasting) (See Product Line 2)
  • Detailed and professional artist-brush and air-brush fine paintings, for either 2.5-D flat-relief or 3-D carved art (See Product Lines 1 and 2)
  • Elaborate and intricate borders and flourishes (See Product Line 2)
  • Multi-level and built-up laminated signs with overlays (See Product Line 2 and 5)
  • Fine furniture-grade hardwood signs using Mahogany, Cherry , Maple,  Walnut and Oak, in addition to Redwood , Cedar, and Douglas Fir (See Product Line 3)
  • Aged, antiqued, scorched,  and rustic wood signs using 100 yr old vintage barn-wood and proprietary finishing techniques.(See Product Line 3) .
  • Precision small-scale engraving on wood, HDU, glass or metal using a laser engraver.
  • Composite and hybrid signs, using several of the above techniques plus digitally printed vinyl appliques with clear coat finish (See Product Line 2)
  • Precision cutting of complex 2-D shapes on aluminum or steel sheet metal, using a waterjet CNC cutter (See Product Lines 4 and 7)
  • Steel, Corten, wrought iron &  aluminum posts, frames and scroll brackets, custom made to fit a sign (See Product Line 4)
  • Wood posts, decorative carved finials and bases, laterals, and EPS monument sign bases (See Product Line 6).

We offer most of these additional features at wholesale prices only slightly higher than the prices that discount sandblasted sign-makers charge for basic 2.5-D signs. If you have a complex design that you want made, we are the company that can do it, at a very reasonable price. If you can describe it or draw it, we can build it!!

Sign Resellers

 We provide our carved dimensional signs  & plaques  to franchise and independent sign shops, and are a Preferred Supplier to the brands above and to many independent sign companies. 

Retailers and Resellers of Our Signs & Plaques. We presently supply our products on a wholesale basis to approximately 850 sign shops, designers, brokers, marketing firms, branding integrators, and general contractors in the US, including many independent sign companies, as well as franchise stores such as Signs by Tomorrow, FASTSIGNS,  Sign-a-Rama and SignWorld. We offer fast response to your request for quotes, and can usually guarantee 4  week turnaround. Some examples of our signs are shown in the photo above and on the rest of this website, (You can click on the "Home" for an overview of the company and products, or the "Product Gallery" tab top left of this page, or any of the Galleries with light gray tabs in the lower left margin).

Catalogs. You can also download our 52 page Product Catalog and also our Resellers Handbook in PDF format, by clicking on the link below.  On request by email or phone, we will email you  Wholesale Price list. We will mail you hard copies of these these documents upon request if you give us your address.  

If you are an established sign retailer, please consider selling our sign products under your brand. You can select any of  15,000 designs on our website (customized and modified for your customer), or you can use your own designs and provide files,   preferably in EPS or AI vector format, but we also accept photos, sketches and drawings in JPEG or PDF format. We do not have any design fees.

Your Profit Margins 

We provide a quote on a sign-by-sign or order-by-order basis, which you can  mark up with your costs and profit margins before you submit your bid to the customer. We will provide you our standard wholesale price quotes  for different sign design options within one or two days, sometimes a couple of hours for rush quotes. We have no "suggested retail price" but most re-sellers usually mark up our wholesale prices by 30% to 100% (typically 50%) , plus their  own costs for surveys, design, permitting, and installation and on-site construction.  

Marketing Package

We will provide qualified resellers (all you need us a resale certificate from your state or a retail website) our Marketing package upon request, This package contains ; (1) a 52 page Catalog of our signage products ; (2) a wholesale price list ; (3) a carved HDU sign sample that shows various carving and sandblasted styles; (4) a desktop display advertising carved and "Dimensional Signs & Plaques"; (5) a handbook on suggestions on best to sell carved dimensional signs and answers to common questions; (6) a 17x22 inch wall poster , and (7) a marketing brochure. This is all free of charge to you. We will send out our Marketing package to you upon request by phone or email.  Your clients will not see the brand name "Art Sign Works" or our website address on our unbranded marketing documents  that we will send you , 

You can can also download Items (1) and (5) in PDF format by clicking on the links below. These PDF documents are best viewed on-line by selecting the slideshow "Full Screen Mode" under the  "View" tab on the upper left PDF menu , We also have an downloadable version of our wholesale price lists ((2) above), but to get this, please  contact us  by email or phone and we will send you a download link.  

Wood & HDU Sign Catalog

 We will send you our free Catalog, Showroom Sign, and Wall Poster on request

Our Design & Manufacturing Capability

Designs. We can do the design of any sign or plaque including any sign shape; edge routing; multiple borders; any fonts; engraved or raised letters; deep-cut CNC routing with a smooth or textured background; elaborate and detailed 3-D carved appliques or insets from our library; multi-level sandblasting with some hand-carving of art if required; multi-color painting including sample matching. You do NOT have to supply machine-ready vector art; we will produce it if necessary, whereas other wholesale sandblast sign suppliers require you to supply production vector art. These prices also include CNC carving with our six 5x12 ft high-speed router tables, which can produce a much more dramatic 3-D depth effect (1 to 1.5 in) and intricate carved or engraved letters and artwork, that sandblasting (0.25 to 0.4 in) alone cannot achieve. We provide custom quality 3-D carved signs for only slightly higher prices that "sandblast mill" discount companies sell their "plain vanilla" signs for.

Processes and Equipment. We produce high-quality CNC routed/carved , sandblasted, engraved, and hand-carved wood and HDU signs in our state-of-the art design and manufacturing factory. Our design computer programs include Adobe Illustrator CS5,  Aspire 2.5 & 3-D Geometric Modeling, a large library of 3D clipart, and V-Carve Pro 3D software. We have very capable SOA woodworking and paint shops, with a high capacity sand blast booth and a paint spray  booth that can handle 15 ft signs, six large-table (12 ft x 5 ft) CNC routers, several saws, a drill press, a planer,  small powered tools, and hand carving and painting and airbrush tools. We also have a complete wrought iron and aluminum manufacturing capability (cutting, bending, drilling, welding, and coating) and make  steel, aluminum and wood sign hangers and support structures.

Production Capacity. We fulfill over 40 sales orders and manufacture 150 medium and large signs per week. We can manufacture over 2000 smaller signs, or 500 medium size signs or plaques,   on a single sales order. We have a warranty on all our signs for 2 years and guarantee your satisfaction on the delivered products (including shipping ) - you have no risk as the retailer except for specification errors in the drawings or other info you send to us.

Turn-Around Time. Our normal manufacturing turn-around time (the duration of time after a firm order is placed and the design proof is approved, until the sign or plaque is shipped ) is 4 weeks for resellers. We do take rush orders at a premium price when our workload permits; however, minimum turnaround time is 3 weeks. 

This 1 minute video gives an overview of Art Sign Works, its Products, and its Capabilities

Business Relationship

We have a standard customer / vendor relationship with our retailers/resellers.

  1. You need make no investment nor do you have to carry any inventory.
  2. .We charge no fees; everything we supply to you is free (except our signs!). 
  3. You need make no commitment as to minimum sales nor do you have to sign any contract. You might sell zero signs, or 50 signs per year; if you sell more than $10,000 (our prices) of our signs in a year, we will reduce our wholesale price by 5% compared to our standard price for the next year.
  4. No special advertising is required; that is up to you. We provide you at no cost  a sample HDU sandblasted sign, a catalog, a reseller's handbook, a table display, a 24 x 36 inch color wall poster and a wholesale price list. These are all unbranded so your customers can see these (except for the wholesale price list).
  5. We do not require exclusivity; If you get competitive bids/quotes, or of you want to work with other wood or HDU sign manufacturers on a given sign, no problem. However, you cannot use any of Art Sign Work's designs that we display on out four websites in that case; all of our sign designs are the intellectual property of Art Sign Works, Inc. and are licensed for use on an order by order basis only if we fabricate  signs using that design.
  6. Every sign is a stand-alone deal. Your commitment is our commitment if you receive a quote from us, We honor our schedule commitments (typically 4 weeks after a firm order is placed, plus 2-5 days shipping) You can terminate our relationship at any time for any reason by simply not ordering any more signs.
  7. Positive cash flow. We generally require a 50%  payment on most signs, which you should be able to collect from your customer. The remainder of the payment is due the day we ship to you. We require a valid credit card be on file with us at the time of your first order so we can charge it the day we ship your sign(s).
  8. Low marketing cost in carrying our product lines.  Additional advertising is up to you but is generally not necessary; just add "sandblasted signs", "engraved wood signs", "carved wood signs", and "wrought iron hangers" onto your list of products in your normal advertising.
  9. We guarantee our products. If our products fall below professional standards in workmanship or we make an error, we of course will either fix the product, replace it, or refund your money. We have a two year warranty on all our products. We stand behind all our products.


Improve Your Bottom-Line

This is an opportunity for you to add hundreds of attractive, below market-priced products to your portfolio at no cost, no risk, positive or neutral cash flow, and minimal impact on your operations. Many of our retail partners sell one to four signs/month, with an average order sale price of $2000. For design studios and sign companies with larger signage contracts (e.g., hotels, apartment and condo complexes, community colleges, resorts, etc.), we supply free quotes on build-to-print basis the signs you want, and you can integrate and install the signage or component parts.

You can do the sign design yourself, or we will do the design and supply proofs to you for our signs at no cost to you. We have 4 in-house sign designers and  3  contract designers for 3-D geometric model designs.  You will have no fixed overhead associated with these products. If no one ever buys a dimensional HDU or wood sign, your expenses are basically zero other than the cost of your quotes or proposals and any special advertising you may do. For more information, or to receive a wholesale price list, product catalog, resellers handbook, wall poster,  sales brochure, and HDU sign sample, please call or email us (given below). We will need to see a copy of your resale certificate.

Our main Office Number is (951) 698-8484. Ask for Christie, Regina or Liz, who are our very knowledgeable customer service representatives and project managers. You can also email us We look forward to hearing from you.

The Team at Art Sign Works, Inc. 

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