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M4650 - Hanging Sign with Two Eye-hooks

M4650  - Hanging Sign with Two Eye-hooks

This hanging sign has two eye-hooks with 6 inch long  shanks  screwed into this 1.5 inch thick HDU Sign, which is epoxied in place . We have a full capability metal shop, where we can cut (include water jet cutting , bend, weld, grind, drill, sandblast, paint and powder coat metal brackets, posts, fixtures, and attachments of all types. We buy flat bars, round and square tubes, and sheets, and design fabricate, and assemble  both complex and simple metal parts for signs and plaques.  

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Please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for information on design options, price quotes, and delivery schedule, and our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives will respond to your requests promptly .

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