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M5436 - Cutout Old English letters, Gold-Leaf gilding, Incised Low-Relief Carved Art

M5436 - Cutout Old English letters, Gold-Leaf gilding, Incised Low-Relief Carved Art

This elegant double-faced hanging sign utilizes cut-out letters from 1/2 inch thick HDU made by our CNC router, and a 1/2 inch thick HDU with a flower and leaf design incised into the board by CNC machine-carving .The rest of the board is left smooth, except for the rectangle behind "Jewelry," which is lightly sandblasted to produce a sand-stone texture. After fine sanding the floral design, the board is gilded with 24 carat gold leaf and then antiqued to bring out the floral design better. The black cut-out letters for jewelry are then epoxied to the strip.

To see over 100 other large signs, please click on Gallery 5 - Large SignsGallery 5 shows examples of our large HDU, wood, HDPE, MDO/HDO, Aluminum and standoff letter signs made for the entrance to a city, apartment complexes, companies, retail stores, restaurants, colleges, churches, hotels, resorts, country clubs, wineries, farms & ranches, and other commercial entities. These large signs can be mounted on a masonry base, on several posts, on a roof, on a wall.

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