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M6100 - Post-and-Panel Signs (click for description)

M6100 - Post-and-Panel Signs (click for description)

These use wood or wrought iron (steel posts), sometimes with lateral beams. Posts typically vary from 4 inches in width (4 x 4's) to as much as 12 inches in width.The sign itself (the panel) is usually sandblasted or carved HDU or wood.Less expensive ones have MDO or foam PVC signs mounted on them.

Wood supports are usually made of Redwood or pressure-treated fir. For posts, we use square 4 x 4s, 6 x 6s, and occasionally 8 x 8's for very large signs.Sometimes we use round posts, or even telephone poles for very large signs. Posts are usually 8 feet long, sometimes 10 ft, to allow for 2 feet of the posts to go underground.The bottom of the posts are treated with a wood preservative, which should be surrounded by concrete in a 2 1/2 ft deep hole(bottom filled with gravel). The posts are prime painted and painted 2 coats with Sherwin & Williams' best outdoor acrylic; if left natural, they are stained and clear-coated twice.The posts can have carved wood finials on top to dress them up.

If the sign is wider than 4 feet, we install wood lateral beam supports, which are usually redwood 2 x4 s or 2 x 6s. For single-sided signs, these can go in the backside, which is hidden; for both single-sided and double-sided signs, they can support the bottom of a flat-bottomed sign, which also dresses up the sign.Lateral beam supports are fastened to the posts with galvanized metal brackets or lag screws. Construction is robust so that the sign will be able to withsrand an 80 mile/hr wind, full UV, and any amount of rain, snow and ice. There is a 3 yr guarantee on each sign and post/support system.

Wrought iron posts and lateral beams can also be ordered. Posts can be aluminum or wrought iron, round or square cross-sections.. All metal is powder coated, black or a selection of colors. Posts can have a wide selection of bases, finials and scrollwork. All metal is protected against corrosion and rust for unlimited outdoor use. We make standard and custom supports for some unique designs. Lateral beam supports can have scrolls welded to them, above (top beam) or below them (bottom beam). Please see Gallery for Product Line 4 (click on blue box in left margin) for a more detailed description of metal sign posts and lateral beams for monument signs.