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G13342 - Carved, Cedar Wood Plaque Congratulating the Winner of a Motorcycle Club Race

G13342 - Carved, Cedar Wood Plaque Congratulating the Winner of a Motorcycle Club Race

Above is a carved, Cedar wood plaque with a 3-D emblem of a Berserkers' Motorcycle Club Chapter. The plaque was created as a recognition of the winner of a motorcycle ride contest. The Club emblem of a warrior wearing a Viking helmet is constructed as a 3-D vinyl giclée appliqué. The text is engraved and the word "ORIGINAL" is engraved and filled in 24K gold leaf. The plaque has been double clear-coated in highest-quality Matthews clearcoat. This plaque would be best displayed when hung on a wall.

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We can design and build any type and size of a park sign using Cedar, Redwood, High-Density-Urethane (HDU), Color-Core HDPE, or High-Density-Overlay (HDO). The latter two will not last as long and cannot be carved in 2.5D or 3D, but are less expensive. We customize these signs with any shape, border, font style, art, or color scheme with carved (engraved) or raised text and art of your choice. We can sandblast these signs or make their surfaces extremely smooth. We make these signs from 16 inches to over 20 ft long, and can ship them anywhere in the US. These can be placed on a stucco, stone or brick monument base, between iron or wood posts, on a mounted on a single or double wood or iron posts, or on mounted on a wall, fence or gate. We are a recognized supplier of National Park, National Forest Service, National Forest Service, and State Park signs for many states, including California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington. We also make signs for regional, open-space and private parks and reserves throughout the USA.

For more information design on options,prices and delivery schedules, please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at, and our knowledgeable and helpful customer Service representatives will respond promptly.

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