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M4812 - Two  4 "x 4" Cedar Wood Side Posts and 2" x 4" Bottom Horizontal wood Beam Support this Snow Country Condominium HDU Sign .

M4812 - Two  4 "x 4" Cedar Wood Side Posts and 2" x 4" Bottom Horizontal wood Beam Support this Snow Country Condominium HDU Sign .

These two  4 " x 4" Cedar wood side posts and 2" x 4" bottom horizontal wood beam provide support for this Snow Country condominium HDU sign . These side-mounted post supports are often used for double-faced signs, so that both the front and the back of the sign can be viewed. Single-faced signs often have back-mounted posts which obscures the back of the sign.  Large HDU signs, 6 ft or wider, often  need to be supported with a bottom horizontal beam or internal steel frame, such as this one, but wood signs usually do not. A bottom or top horizontal board or beam is often used for decorative purposes, even though it is not necessary to provide structural support. 

We often install steel flat bars on both side edges of a sign to allow easy mounting of the sign on the posts. These flat bars  extend above and below the sign on both sides, and are painted the same color as the posts.  The top and bottom  extensions of  flat bars are attached to the posts with long wood screws  or carriage bolts.

The top of the posts often have finials for a more elegant  look. The posts is inserted into a 2 ft deep hole in the ground, which is filled with concrete, rocks, or dirt. The bottoms of the posts are treated with a wood preservative. The wood posts are painted with a wood primer and a top coat using a long-lasting wood enamel, usually in a color to match the border of the sign. Natural redwood or Cedar wood posts can alternatively be stained and varnished. 

This photo  Gallery 4A  shows over 80 photos of custom made wood support systems for signs, including posts, horizontal cross support beams, carved decorative horizontal top boards, pergolas, and other  structural and decorative wood accessories for signs .  To view these click on "Return to List" below right.  Our aluminum, wrought iron, and steel posts and scroll brackets are shown in Gallery 4. Reinforced plastic wood (HDPE) posts, which last longer with no maintenance,  are shown in Gallery 9.

We have over 12,000 photos of signs,  plaques and supports on the website, organized into 45 photo galleries listed on the left; click on the numbered title in the gray navigation menu on the bottom left to visit another photo Gallery. You can search for a specific sign type on this website by typing in key words in the Google Search box on top of  this navigation menu.

Please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for design options, price quotes, and delivery schedule, and our knowledgeable and helpful Customer service representatives will respond to your requests quickly. Approximate prices are shown in Fig 4 in the middle of the Prices and Design Options page (click on link)  

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