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L21226 - Carved Coastal Residence Name Sign , "Southern Exposure", features a Dark Ocean, a setting Sun, and Seagulls as Art

L21226 - Carved Coastal Residence Name Sign , "Southern Exposure", features a Dark  Ocean, a setting Sun, and Seagulls as Art

This  coastal residence name sign , "Southern Exposure", features a dark  ocean, a setting sun, and seagulls as art.  It is carved in 2.5-D multi-level  relief from High-Density-Urethane, with three layers of depth.  The sign is painted with an airbrush and an artist brush.  Two layers of clear-coat are applied to protect the sign against scratches, salt air, moisture and UV fading. The sign can be mounted on a wall or deck railing, on a post or between two posts, or hung from a wood or iron hanger from  eye-hooks on the top.

To see 600 photos and designs of other custom carved HDU and wood beach house , seashore, coastal residence and business  signs & plaques click on "Return to List" bottom right. We design and make signs with beach, tropical, seashore, and nautical themes, including as artwork beach chairs, palm trees, beach umbrellas, ocean sunsets, sailboats, sea life, fish and whales, lighthouses, seagulls, pelicans, shells, etc. We also have a great selection of over 30 Quarterboards, most with 3D artwork. You can search for a specific sign type on this website by typing in key words in the Google Search bar at the top of this page.

To see designs of other residence address signs and plaques, click on Gallery 18 (homes and estates) , Gallery 21 (mountain and lake homes & businesses), or Gallery 19 (condos & apartments) in the numbered gray boxes in the lower left margin.We have over 12,000 photos of our signs systematically organized in 45 different Galleries, so you can find designs of almost any type of sign you may be interested in . These Galleries are listed in the gray boxes on the lower left  side  of this page.

We can make similar signs from HDU or a wide selection of wood types (including mahogany, teak, rosewood, cherry, oak, cedar and redwood). We fabricate a sign or wall plaque of any design in any size from 8 inches  to 14 ft wide. We can customize these signs with any shape, artwork, border, font style, or color scheme with engraved or raised text and art of your choice. We can also carve 3D artwork in a wide variety of stock designs. Monument bases, wrought iron or wooden posts, and iron scroll brackets (for hanging signs) can be purchased for mounting this sign shown above (see Product Lines 6 and 4).

Please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for design options, price quotes, and delivery schedule, and our knowledgeable and helpful Customer Service Representatives will be pleased to respond to your requests quickly .

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