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KA20960 - Carved Yard-of-the-Month Sign for "Nuttinglikit Grove" HOA

KA20960 - Carved Yard-of-the-Month Sign for "Nuttinglikit Grove" HOA

Above is shown a  carved High-Density-Urethane (HDU) Yard-of-the-Month sign for the "Nuttinglikit Grove" Home Owners Association (HOA). In this sign, the tree  text and border are carved in 2.5-D raised  relief. The white background is sandblasted in a sandstone texture. After hand-painting with long-lasting long-lasting sign  enamels, this plaque is clear-coated twice for additional waterproofing and UV protection. This sign can be purchased with a steel stake that can be easily inserted (it has a foot pedal) and removed in the ground for easy movement from one yard to another.

This all-weather HDU sign is light weight, long-lasting, maintenance free, and easy to move every month. We customize these signs with any shape, border, font style, color scheme, carved (engraved or raised) text and art of the customer's choice. Artwork and/or logo (2.5-D raised, carved or engraved) are included at no additional cost . Non-custom 3-D artwork is available at minimum cost (with cost depending on size).

To see many photos and designs of over 60 other Yard-of-the-Month and Home-of-Month signs in Gallery 19B, click on "Return to List" below right. We make custom & personalized elliptical, decorative, and other shape long-lasting and beautiful wooden and HDU Yard-of-the-Month or Home-of-the-Month signs complete with wrought iron stakes that can be easily moved from one property to another. We can make a 2.5-D (or 3-D) custom carved wood or HDU wall plaque of any design in any size from 18 inches to 36 inches, for all-weather outdoor use. You may also choose from a wide election of shapes, borders, font styles, text and artwork.

To see photos of other HOA, condo, subdivision and apartment entrance, office, directional, unit number and rule signs. click on Gallery 19 (large entrance signs) or Gallery 19A (smaller miscellaneous apartment and condo signs) in the numbered items in the gray navigation  menu in the lower left margin. Other related residence signs are in Gallery 17 (street and traffic signs), Gallery 8 (individual house address/welcome signs), Gallery 20 (seashore home signs) and Gallery 21 (lake & mountain home signs). We have over 12,000 photos of signs and plaques on the website, organized into 45 photo galleries listed on the left; click on the numbered title in a gray box to visit another gallery.

We can make similar signs from HDU or a wide selection of wood types (including mahogany, teak, cherry, oak, cedar and redwood). We can make a sign or wall plaque of any design in any size from 8 inches to 14 ft wide. We can customize these signs with any shape, artwork, border, font style, or color scheme with engraved or raised text and art of your choice. We can also carve 3-D artwork with a wide variety of stock designs. Monument bases, wrought iron or wooden posts, and iron scroll brackets (for hanging signs) can be purchased from us for mounting small and large signs (see Product Lines 6 and 4 by clicking on numbered gray box in left margin).

Please call us at 951-698-8484 or email us at for design options, price quotes, and delivery schedule, and our knowledgeable and helpful Customer service representatives will be pleased to respond to your requests promptly . Approximate prices are shown in Fig 4 in the middle of the Prices and Design Options page (click on link)  

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