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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need artwork on my sign? If so, should I select 2.5-D flat relief art instead of 3-D bas-relief sculptured art?

This is a basically a matter of style and personal preference; one is not "better" than the other, and they are equally effective in attracting attention. Two & a half--dimensional (2.5-D) flat-relief art can be bold, easily recognizeable, and highly stylized (like a logo, a symbol, and decorative designs), whereas three-dimensional (3-D) sculptured bas-relief art, is more realistic, contains more detail, and often (but not always) has more blended colors. To appreciate 3-D art, it should be viewed fairly closely (5 - 10 ft away) by a pedestrian or a stopped car, whereas 2.5-D art and text can be viewed from further away or from a moving car and still be effective. Most of our wall plaques use 3-D art, whereas most of our outdoor and commercial signs use 2.5-D art. We make 2.5-D art by CNC flat surface routing, sometimes using 4 or 5 levels, whereas 3-D bas-relief must be made using our computer-controlled 3-D routers or occasionally by hand-carving. 3-D art is more expensive, but if "off-the-shelf" 3-D model files are used, the price difference is small. Custom 3-D designs, which require new software models or hand-carving, are 20% to 40% more expensive than 2.5-D designs.