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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big should my sign be? What criteria should I use to select a shape?

Sign size can be determined by either (1) limitations due to sign mounting or installation, or (2) requirements for viewing. If you are going to mount your sign on your front door, the sign should be quite small (typically 12 to 8 inches wide, and 6 to 8 inches high.). If it is on a wall outside your door, it can be a bit larger (up to 16 inches wide). If it is on a separate, larger wall (like as restaurant sign), to be viewed by pedestrians, it can be from 16 to 30 inches wide and 10 to 16 inches high, depending on how far away it is viewed (e,g,,across a lawn or right next to a sidewalk). Signs mounted on a single post for close pedestrian viewing are typically 16 inches wide and 10 inches high. Signs hung from an overhead projecting hanger (blade sign) should be at least 18 inches wide, up to 48 inches, since they will of necessity be viewed from 20 to 50 feet away.Signs mounted on double posts, that may be viewed from a slow-moving car, should be from 22 to 48 inches wide And signs that are viewed from more than 50 feet away from a faster-moving car should be 4 to 14 ft in width . We make custom signs up to 14 ft in width and 6 ft high.

As far a shape goes, it is mostly a question of style and the message you want to display. Do you want a simple, rectangular sign or an ornate (decorative) sign? Do you want it wide and short or narrow and tall, or in between? Do you want the sign to stand out or naturally blend into the background (like park and golf course signs)?.Do you want an elegant shape or s strong, bold shape? Again, the Catalog for Product Line 1 shows our 99 different standard sizes and shapes for our signs.We can make virtually any other sign shape on a custom basis.