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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I mount my sign?

There are many ways, but they fall into four categories:(1) attached to a wall or door by screws, bolts, glue, or hanging from a screw or nail (single faced signs only); (2) hard-mounted to a single wrought iron or wood post (single-faced and double-faced signs); (3) hard-mounted between two wood posts (single or double-faced signs);(4) hanging from two chains from a bracket between two iron or wood posts (single or double-faced signs:(5)hanging from two chains on an projecting iron or wood bracket mounted on a wall (i.e., called a blade sign) or a single wood post (usually double-faced signs)(6)concrete, stone, brick or wood base fixed to ground (single or double-faced signs)., called monument signs.. .Smaller signs (6 inches to 2 ft wide) use methods (1) , (2) and (5); larger signs (2 ft to 8 ft) can use methods (1), (3), (4), and (5) The largest signs (4 to 14 ft in width) use methods (1), (3) and (6).. We make and sell as catalog items (1) through (5); see Product Line 7 . For more details on installing your sign, see Technical Tips under Quick References under the Resources tab, or request our detailed guide for installing wall and post signs.