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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should I go about selecting features for my design or plaque? There are so many choices!!

Choosing your sign's design features is straightforward if you know what you want it to look like when you enter the site. Perhaps you have seen an attractive sign you like. Send us a photo, a sketch, or just write down the size, shape, color scheme, font style and art-we will create a unique custom design for you based on our standard shapes, colors, font and art.

However, most clients don't know what they want their sign to look like - they want to look through all possibilities until they find an example they like.You can do this by visiting our photo Galleries. You can see an index and table of contents of these photo Galleries by clicking on Photo Gallery Index and Descriptions Then, click on a numbered gray box in the lower left margin to visit a specific type of sign, then click on that title to review many designs for that application. You can mix and match design features from several signs, e.g., shape of A10111, colors of A10130, art of A10161, and font of A10162 (middle text). Please reference the photo numbers of signs that you want your sign to look like, and we will do the rest. We will send you proofs putting all this together in an integrated design.

Another approach is to first decide on your top-level requirements, and this will lead you to certain design features. These include size, shape, and mounting method. Where will it be located (on a door, a wall, overhead on an projecting bracket, freestanding with posts, on a large concrete base?) What is the text (copy) you want on it.? How large should it be, and how large should the lettering be so people can clearly read it? How far away will people be when they view it? Will a single-faced sign meet your needs, or do you need both sides finished? Do you need art on the sign, and if so, will 2.5-D flat-relief art (examples shown in photo Gallery 1) be satisfactory, or do you want 3-D Sculptured Bas-Relief Art (shown in Gallery 2) ? You can then go to the appropriate Application Galleries 10 through 35, (click on a title on numbered gray boxes in lower left margin), to get some ideas on sign shape, color, and artwork that may meet your requirements.