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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have my own ideas on sign shape, font style, and art that are not included on your web site. Can you use these to design and build a sign for me?

Yes.. If you have a sign shape, a font style, artwork, or a color scheme not shown in our Product Catalog, and you can convey the name or a picture of it, we will accomodate these into your design. Every one of our designs is custom, including all of those shown in the Product & Application Galleries.This means that you can select a sign shape, color scheme, borders, art, cont style, etc unique for your application. We have a library of over 3000 fonts and over 1,000,000 art icons, including 2000 3D art models, of which we could show only a small number in this website.. As for colors , you would need to either send us a photo or send us electronically a JPEG image of the colors you want. We offer all of the Sherwin-Williams acrylic outside colors,and the 60 1-Shot Sign enamel standard colors, but we can mix a unique color if you can tell us what it's components are or give us a sample on a white sheet of paper or electronically scan it.. We have a computerized color scanner and can do a good job of matching colors.