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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a "proof"?

A PROOF is a way of ensuring that we have interpreted your Sign Design Specification Form (SDSF), or the equivalent information, correctly, and that your type (letters and numbers) is accurate and that everything is positioned according to your requirements. A second purpose is for you to see a color image of the sign's design as it will look when completed, so that you can make any essential changes in color, art, etc if necessary. After all, when you receive your sign and decide you do not like a color or font style, its a little late to change it!! Typically, we will produce a PROOF which will be sent to you online or printed on paper and delivered to you in the mail. Examples of PROOFs for each Product Line (except 7) are given at the end of each Catalog and also as a download on each Product Catalog page in the ordering section.

We will produce a color PROOF to show an reasonably accurate representation of the colors of the finished sign.For Product Line 2 (CarvedArt), when you supply the photo or sketch (rather than using one of our existing icons or scenes), we only provide proofs of the overall sign design, with few details of the art icon. Like any painting, we do not know exactly what the painting will look like until we paint it! And we can't afford to paint it until you commit to buying the sign! You will have to trust us on this one, or you can select a copy of art which we have a photo of in our files, sand you will get one very similar, unless youspecify a change.