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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What maintenance is required for my outdoor sign?

Unless it rains a lot, you should wash your sign with a hose and cold water once a year.For High-Density-Urethane (HDU) signs, the paint should retain its color and brightness for ten to fifteen years. After that, minor fading may occur if the sign's face is in the sun, but the basic color should be good for 15 years. We put two coats of 1-SHOT Oil enamel Sign Paint or Matthews automotive-type MAP acrylic polyurethane paint (costs $200/gallon) to provide very long-life with minimal fading. We also coat every sign with 2 coats of MAP clear-coat for additional UV , moisture and graffitti protection. After 10 years,if you wish , you may wish to retouch fonts with any oil enamel with matching color. HDU signs will never rot or crack from rain, snow, ice or freezing/thawing, that is why we always recommend them for painted outdoor signs in the weather.

For outdoor wood signs, more maintenance required. One a year the sign should be expected for tiny cracks, and if found, they should be filled in with Bondo and the paint retouched. Our painted and stained wood signs will last ten years with good maintenance. The most damaging situation is for cracks to appear in the surface of the wood, front or back, and water to get into the interior wood, which will cause rot and cracking of the substrate. Outdoor signs subjected to in rain, snow, ice and freezing/thawing are affected the most. Repainting and touch-up for these signs is the same as HDU described above.

Clear-coated wood (Cedar, Redwood, Mahogany) signs require annual clear-coats in addition to possible crack filling. Think of a varnished wood boat; they require 10 times more maintenance to maintain their appearance than a fiberglass boat. The same is required of natural clear-coated wood signs. After staining them, we clear-coat them twice with MAP, similar to painted signs, but eventually the clear-coat wears off due to UV, rain, sprinklers, people touching them, etc, and they must be given a new clear-coat before the wood is damaged. Once damaged, the surface must be lightly sanded before new clear-coats are applied.

Indoor or outdoor protected signs (under a building overhang, for example) require no maintenance, and will last 40 years or more.